Quality Wholesale Natural Hair Products for Oily Hair

Quality Wholesale Natural Hair Products for Oily Hair

There are many different types of hair textures and compositions which can cause different reactions depending on the products you use. Tons of products are readily available for “normal to dry” hair that will hydrate it and enhance your scalp’s natural oils. However, some people produce too much oil which gives an unappealing, greasy look.

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For those who need to control their oil levels, there are some wholesale natural hair products that can help. Using shampoos from brands that center around organic ingredients rather than artificial additives will better your hair’s health and restore balance for your scalp.

Here are some natural brands with products that work best for oily hair.

Giovanni Cosmetics

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A dry shampoo is a fantastic on-the-go solution to oily hair. You can freshen your hair and make it look like it was just washed without actually having to wet your hair. The great thing about dry shampoo is that it will soak up excess oil to leave your hair feeling soft and looking shiny but not greasy.

This dry shampoo is a powder, which might be new to you since most are in the form of spray. It works similarly, though. You just sprinkle a bit on your roots and brush it through. Giovanni’s simple ingredients include corn starch for absorption, and grape seed oil and vitamins to add volume and strength.


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Tea tree oil is a great ingredient for balancing your scalp’s oil production. It can also be helpful for treating dandruff. The main ingredient in this normalizing shampoo by Jason is tea tree oil which can work miracles for oily hair. Rather than just absorbing oil temporarily, it can work for the long-term to normalize your scalp and give you healthy levels of oil.

They also have a matching conditioner, so you can get the most effective results by pairing them together.

Desert Essence

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Desert Essence has their own version of a tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner to treat oily scalps. They contain lemon tea tree and lemon peel extracts to dissolve excess oil without stripping away moisture. The formula also has maca root extract to strengthen hair and protect it from damage.

Having a natural shampoo like this will make you feel like you’re finally treating your hair right. It’s 100% vegan, gluten-free, and it has no preservatives, sulfates, or artificial fragrances.

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