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Natural Laundry Products Wholesale Cleaning Products

After the success of your three coin-operated laundromats, you decided it might be a good idea to sell laundry products online.

In the past, you’ve sourced your laundry products from wholesale storefronts. The prices at these stores were decent, but every store sold the same big brands.

Lately, people have been asking about the ingredients that are in your laundry products. When you turned over a bottle of Tide to inspect the ingredients, you saw a long list of ingredients that you’ve never heard before.

Polyethylene glycol 4000, diquaternium ethoxysulfate, DTPA, and synthetic fragrances don’t sound too appealing.synthetic_fragrances

That’s when it became apparent.

Selling natural laundry products in your coin-operated laundromats and listing natural products online can give your businesses a competitive edge. What’s more, it will also allow you to charge more for the products you sell.

Here are some wholesale cleaning products you can dropship and sell in your laundromats.

Sell Natural Laundry Detergent

You want to add a new option for natural cleaning products in your laundromats and online that will give your site and laundromats a fresh appeal.Bio Kleen Natural Laundry Detergent

Bio Kleen offers a great line of natural laundry detergents that use natural ingredients. Using Grapefruit seed and citrus extracts, this product cleans clothes without using synthetic chemicals.Bio Kleen Natural Laundry Detergent

Don’t worry, Bio Kleen also removes stains using oxygen bleach. As an added bonus, there aren’t any synthetic fragrances.

Selling this product online and at your laundromat locations will allow you to offer products that will yield a higher return.

Another interesting laundry product you can sell is Laundry Nuts. With its unique appearance and ingredients, this product is sure to attract some interest.eco-nuts-soap-berries-100ld-6-5-oz-front

Laundry Nuts uses dried Himalayan berries to clean clothes naturally.

What’s really cool about this product is that customers can reuse the same bag up to 10 times. This means that you can charge more for this product.

As if it couldn’t get more interesting, these berries clean and soften clothes naturally. This product, which was originally pitched on Shark Tank, is certified USDA organic and is sure to bring you some additional revenue.

Sell Natural Fabric Softeners

Woolziers is a great natural fabric softener brand that will give your stores a more upscale feel.

These dryer sheets don’t use chemicals that are used in conventional brands. This brand is also great for reducing static and wrinkles.woolzies-wool

Selling this brand of fabric softener will improve the quality of your laundromats and give your online store a competitive advantage.

These natural dryer sheets reduce drying time by 25%,  meaning that you can charge more for the product while saving electricity.Seventh Generation

In addition to Woolziers, Seventh Generation is another great brand that you can sell online and at your coin-operated locations.

Folks online will love these natural fabric softeners. Enough to pay more than they would for conventional brands.

Give Your Businesses a Fresh Appeal

Selling natural laundry products can be a great way to increase your revenue both online and at your laundromats.

You can continue selling conventional cleaning products. But by adding natural cleaning options, you stand the chance of making even more revenue.Laundromat Shot

It is hard to compete if you are selling the same products as everyone else. Give your laundromats and dropshipping store a fresh and natural appeal.

People will likely still buy conventional products from you like Tide and Downy. By adding natural options to your existing businesses, you can attract new customers and make more money by selling these wholesale cleaning products.

Many customers want to know about the ingredients that you use to clean their clothes. Give your customers peace of mind while also increasing your sales.

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