Wholesale Feminine Products Guaranteed to Profit

Wholesale Feminine Products Guaranteed to Profit

Wholesale feminine products are great items to sell online, because every woman needs them. Menstrual products are especially profitable since they are a necessary part of a woman’s life, and they’re disposable so there is always opportunity for repeat customers. Buying them online and in bulk can be really convenient for women who don’t want to make a special trip to the store every month. It’s even more of a lifesaver for those who might be a little embarrassed to bring pads and tampons to the checkout counter.

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The Bigger Picture

Aside from the cold view of “you should sell these because women will always need to buy them,” there are many good reasons for selling feminine products. There are many brands that make menstrual products with treated and bleached cotton. Women are becoming more interested in alternatives to this. Offering them more options that are natural and safe can be a great selling point.

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Consider Going Organic

Simply selling feminine products online might not be enough of a niche to gain you considerable profit. Any online store can stock pads and tampons. If you choose a specialty that consumers care about, you establish yourself as a seller of quality products.

This is where organic feminine hygiene comes in. Stocking products that are made with safe materials will ease the minds of conscious customers who worry about pesticides and waste.

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Organic goods are profitable for many reasons. For one, they are typically at a slightly higher price point then their inorganic counterparts. People still buy them, though, because they perceive them as better quality and better for them, which is true.

Guilt-Free Consumerism

Certified organic products means that producers have not chemically treated any of the ingredients. This makes them healthier to consume and use, but also safer for the environment. In a world where climate change is beginning to effect everyday life, customers want to reduce their waste and start using products that won’t harm the ecosystem.

Buying organic products allows customers to vote for their beliefs using their money. A lot of people are on board with this idea. They don’t mind paying a little extra in order to know that the things they’re using are safer and better quality. They do this not only for peace of mind, but also so that they can feel better about themselves for making the right choice.

This is why the market for organic has been steadily increasing every year.

The Products Themselves

If you are now convinced that going into organic feminine products is a good idea for you and your online store, then you should begin research on which ones to sell. Offering multiple options is a good idea, as not all women prefer the same method of handling their period. To give you a head start, here are some menstrual products made with natural materials that are top picks for many women worldwide.


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Natracare is a brand that specifically makes feminine products. Because it’s their focus, they have established themselves as a trusted company of organic feminine goods. Their mission is to offer 100% organic cotton, because they care about quality and the environment.

They offer every kind of cotton menstrual product from tampons to pads to liners. They’re made in every shape and size so that any woman can find the perfect fit for her. They also take comfort into account. The tampons they sell come with or without applicators and in different levels of absorbency. Offering different types of each product is very important for meeting the needs of any woman who may buy from you.

Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation makes a variety of household and personal care items. They produce a lot more than just feminine products, but they are still a trusted brand for organic goods. Just like Natracare, they offer many different types and sizes of menstrual products. All of them are made with safe materials and cotton without chlorine or any other chemicals.

There are quite a few brands out there that have organic feminine products. These are two of the more popular ones, but you can decide which are best for your business. There are advantages to selling multiple types and brands, which you can learn through trial and error. Overall, you can stand to gain a profit from feminine care and taking the risk with organic is sure to be worth it.

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