Wholesale Health Products Prospects for Small Companies

a collection of the best natural and organic products to sell online

a woman cutting hair with lobster claws because she doesn't dropship natural hair care productsIt is a vital part of your morning routine. You use your natural hair styling products every day without fail. You’ve heard about how profitable it can be to start your own e-commerce store. Why not start looking for wholesale health products to get started?

Most Americans use hair styling products before they go out. However, many consumers have begun to boycott hair product brands that use harmful synthetic chemicals. This presents a great opportunity for you to make money dropshipping Giovanni hair products online.

Since you don’t have to worry about keeping physical inventory, starting your own business doesn’t cost much.Your job as a hair stylist is rewarding, but paying the bills each month is tough on this salary.

Be your own boss. Set your own hours. Make your own money.

Wholesale Health Productsgiovanni natural hair care products to sell online

Since 1978, Giovanni Cosmetics have been making a splash in the natural beauty products industry. Their Ultra-Sleek Shampoo is perfect for women who want to have naturally clean hair.

As a hair stylist, you know how important it is to use products that are actually healthy for hair. Without the use of harmful sulfates, this product controls frizz and makes hair irresistibly soft.

Natural ingredients like Brazilian keratin and Moroccan argan oil make this product safe for customers with colored hair. This all-natural shampoo is great for customers of all ages who want naturally soft hair.

It isn’t just women who will be buying these natural hair care products. According to research, men are more likely to buy natural hair care products than women. To be exact 60% of men prefer to use natural hair products compared to 45% of women.

Giovanni Natural Hair Productsgiovanni wholesale health products that use coconut milk

As you know, customers don’t just buy shampoo. They also need natural conditioner to help keep their hair soft and healthy.

Giovanni makes healthy conditioner products that your customers will love. Sell their Ulta-Repair Conditioner to bring in even more revenue. This chic product uses ingredients like blackberry and coconut milk to repair damaged hair.

The coconut works to reinforce hair fibers while blackberry leaves an unforgettable natural aroma. Customers who have died hair will have no issue using this.

For even more natural conditioners to sell, you can stock the Giovanni Hair Mask. This product works deep to nourish even the driest hair. hair moisture products that use natural ingredients

Healthy ingredients like avocado and olive oil help to revitalize over-processed, damaged hair. Having worked in a hair salon, you know that customers will spend a little more to get products that actually repair damaged hair. This means that you can sell this product in your store for even more money.

Dropship Natural Hair Sprays giovanni styling spray

To add even more products to your online natural hair care store, you can sell heat-protectant sprays for hair.

Continuing with the Giovanni natural product line, you can drop ship their Ultra-Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist. Not only will customers love how easy it is to style their hair, they also will have added extreme heat protection.

Many consumers struggle with damages inflicted from straightening their hair. Unlike many other heat protectants on the market, this product doesn’t leave a sticky or crunchy feeling when used.  Best of all, your customers will have healthy, sleek looking hair without the use of harmful chemicals.

With other natural ingredients like extracts from the macadamia seed, rooibos tea, and shea butter, your customers will appreciate how much better their hair feels.making a lot of money selling hair care products

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