Wholesale mints: Marketing Fresh Breath Solutions To Consumers

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Wholesale Mints: Don’t Keep Them A Secret

There’s lots of products many resellers don’t consider when selecting goods to sell to customers. One of them in particular is wholesale mints. The less creative retailer may not think such a product will create a stampede to their website. Much less a steady stream of profits. Well think again. The fact is, wholesale mints are considered a basic necessity for many shoppers. Just because they aren’t vocal about it doesn’t mean they’re not buying it.

Everyone wants fresh smelling breath. Just take a look at the huge mouthwash market and the variety of scented toothpastes to see this is true. While those products help people prep up for the day, there’s times when the convenience of breath mints or mint candy can’t be beaten.

The Benefits Of Minty Fresh Breath

And apparently there’s extra goodness to be found in a tin of mints. Studies show that sucking on a peppermint candy prior to or during a test actually increases performance. Many schools actually offer peppermint candies prior to testing as a way to help students increase alertness.

Then there’s the ingredient of mint itself. There’s a reason why the likes of peppermint, spearmint, and mint extract are the most popular ingredients in wholesale mint breath freshening products. They actually offer health benefits that impact a host of common maladies. Those include:

1.Improves discomfort from irritable bowel syndrome

2. Sucking on a mint can ease the discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

3. Helps with digestion

Most eating establishments have known this for years. Which is why many restaurants offer dinner mints after a meal. It’s been fairly established that mints can ease indigestion and an upset stomach.

4. Could improve brain function

Again, children seem to benefit from mints during and prior to testing. Increases alertness.

4. Improves cold symptoms

Mint breathe fresheners have been known to help relieve cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose and chest congestion.

5. Masks bad breath

Probably the most popular reason for mint breath fresheners. They’re the first thing someone reaches for in an attempt to cover up bad breath. Mint works great. At least for a few hours, in masking breath odor. 

All of the above is excellent information in terms of marketing wholesale breath mints. Consumers need to be reminded why breath mints are an essential product to always have around.

Great Variety In Wholesale Mints

Another aspect of marketing wholesale mints could include the variety of breath fresheners available today. Now gum, mint and other kinds of breath fresheners comes with ingredients such as caffeine, ginseng and guarana.

Market Value For Wholesale Mints Is Great

There’s also a host of low-sugar and sugar-free products that have gained popularity among health conscious consumers in recent years. According to Persistence Marketing, North America is the biggest market for breath freshener and mint products. The sales drive in the U.S., market continues to be propelled by post activities after the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

This should give you an idea why wholesale mints can be a consistent part of your revenue stream. Include breath freshening products in your marketing outreach materials to customers. Emphasize the convenience of mint tins. And the variety of these kinds of products carried on your website.

Here’s some great mint and breath freshener products to sell for your online business: 

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