Wholesale Nuts: A Healthy Snack Every Reseller Should Carry

Bowl of nuts.

Wholesale Nuts: Why You Should Have Them On Your Website

There’s no debating the addictive fun of eating nuts. Everyone has their favorite kind. You can’t just eat one. Most folks grab a handful and munch away until they’re all gone. Only to reach back for more. Fact is, nuts are the undisputed king of snacks. Which is why wholesale nuts should always be at the forefront of your product offerings.

The good news is, if you’re an organic food reseller, bulk nuts will be a welcomed addition by your customers if you aren’t already selling them. Health conscious consumers have long known the great benefits found in edible nuts. And each edible nut found on the market offers its own unique set of nutrients.

There’s Great Benefits In Those Nuts

For instance, almonds contain the highest amount of calcium in all nuts. They’re also high in fiber, vitamin E and magnesium. Almonds are particularly great for lowering cholesterol and reduce heart disease. The following is a short list of nuts and the beneficial attributes they possess:


High in omega 3 fats. Also rich in antioxidants and phytoserols. Walnuts are great for your heart. They’re also good for your brain and can help resist cancer.


Loaded with iron, cashews are high in magnesium and unsaturated fat. Cashews are known to promote a healthy heart and strong bones. They’re also good for the skin and hair as they’re rich with copper.


High in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E. Hazelnuts are also loaded with unsaturated fats. They’re good for the heart and aid in muscle, skin, bone, joints and supporting the digestive system.


Do you know that peanuts actually hail from the legume family? This popular nut contains the highest amount of folate in comparison to other nuts. Folate is important for brain development. It actually helps reduce the risk of birth defects. Peanuts are also high in vitamin E and fights heart disease.


Pecans are especially good for men. The nut contains beta-sitosterol which helps pain relief associated with an enlarged prostate.

Wholesale Nuts And What Your Customers Need To Know

In marketing nut products to your customers, it’s always a smart move to share with them health benefits of these great organic snacks. Bulk nuts such as pecans and walnuts, are also great for cooking. And also a much beloved ingredient for cookies, cakes and other desserts. Customers who are baking and cooking fans will love you.  That’s because they won’t have to go to specialty shops to find the variety of nuts they like to include in their recipes.

Bulk Nuts And The Market

In a time where health awareness has come to the forefront of consumer concerns in regards to food and nutrition, nuts are a smart investment for the savvy food reseller. According to Future Market Insights, the global edible nuts market is expected to increase 5% year over year. This is driven by consumer desire for healthier lifestyles and the increase of nuts used in home-cooked food products. There’s also an increased consumption of spreads produced by edible nuts.  And there’s a shift towards plant-based beverages. In short, nuts are higher demand than ever.

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