Wholesale Pet Supplies: Organic Pet Food Opportunities

In this article, we will be learning more about two of the finest wholesale organic pet food brands out there and why they are first-rate. One of the most essential ways to make sure that all pets are happy and healthy is by feeding them nutritious pet food. The first wholesale organic pet food brand on the list is meant for dogs only and the second one is meant for cats only.

Natural Wholesale Pet Food Brands

Newman’s Own

Wholesale Dog Supplies

Newman’s Own are known for their wholesale pet supplies because 100% of their profits goes to charity, or more specifically to the Newman’s Own Foundation. It has always been that way. The Newman’s Own Foundation supports all charities, organization, and programs that are involved in at least one of the following four focus areas: philanthropy, children, empowerment, and nutrition. A few specific charities that Newman’s Own supports are Serious Fun Children’s Network, SHOFCO, Natural Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Our Companions Animal & Rescue Sanctuary, Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, Farmer Veteran Coalition, Safe Water Network, Echoing Green, The Resolution Project, Youth Service America, The Discovery Center, and International Rescue Committee. Furthermore, Newman’s Own also has wonderful quality dry dog food that helps support all the nutritional needs of adult dogs.


Wholesale cat supplies

Wellness is a popular brand of wholesale pet food whose philosophy is “Make it well. Make it count.” This pet food brand’s main goal is to use a holistic approach and feed animals food that has nothing but real ingredients. They are fully committed to bringing pure happiness into the lives of pets and pet owners everywhere through the pet’s nutrition and they are doing a great job. Wellness is a wholesale organic pet food brand that has many different delicious and healthy cat food options for cat owners to choose from. It is wonderful how many different types of wet food recipes Wellness has available for cats of any age and any breed. Some of the tasty wet food recipes include Complete Health Pate, Gravies, Minced, Sliced, Morsels, Healthy Indulgence, CORE Pate, CORE Tiny Tasters, CORE 95%, CORE Hearty Cuts, and CORE Signature Selects.

There are many ways that a pet owner can show their love and dedication for their animal but one of the most important ways would be by feeding them well with one of these two pet food brands.

Wholesale Pet Supplies for Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep any products in stock. All order details are transferred from the customers to the manufacturer, who then ships the products to the customers. When someone purchases a membership with a dropshipping wholesaler, they don’t have to worry about managing order fulfillment.

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