Wholesale Salt: Food Seasoning For Steady Revenue

Person sprinkling salt on french fries.

Wholesale Salt: What Everyone Uses

For a long time consumer options for salt was iodized table salt. Or, for the more adventurous, sea salt. But a lot has changed over the last few years. Salt has evolved into specialty and organic varieties to satisfy gourmet tastes. Which is why wholesale salt should be featured among your seasoning offerings to customers.

For many, salt is a basic necessity for seasoning and cooking. It’s actually among a small handful of seasonings that holds a place on the table. Because of this, salt will always be a consistent part of your bread and butter. Fact is, salt is the most widely used seasoning in the world. While it should be among products on your website, the good news is now with a variety of wholesale salt products, you can easily appeal to a broader consumer base. This makes steady revenue from salt sales even bigger.

Why Variety Is Important When You Buy Salt In Bulk

But before we continue with revenue possibilities, let’s lay out the different kinds of wholesale salt that you can make available. There’s a wonderful array of salt products for consumers today. This includes wholesale sea salt varieties. For the purpose of this article, we’re focusing on salts used for cooking and seasoning.   

Here’s some of the different types of salts available for consumers today:

Table salt

The most common salt product in the world, table salt is actually ionized salt. That is, natural salt that’s been heated to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit during production. This salt is not only bleached (hence the white appearance), but most of the beneficial aspects are destroyed during the heating process. Fortified with iodine, it does also contain chemical additives to prevent clumping.

Sea Salt

Yes, sea salt comes from the ocean. It’s a product of an evaporation process that separates the salt from sea water. Sea salt has become very popular in the culinary realm and food lovers. Organic fans are particularly fond of it. While it is much less refined than table salt, it is produced in both fine and coarse varieties.

Himalayan Pink Salt

This beautifully pink salt is derived from ancient sea beds in the Himalayan mountains. The pinkish hue is actually from the rich iron content in the salt. Rich in minerals, it contains essential trace elements that the body needs. It’s great for promoting blood sugar health and good pH in body cells. Obviously, Himalayan salt is considered one of the healthier options among salt products.

Grey Salt

This salt derives its coloring from its harvest location. It comes from Brittany, France, and is hand-raked from natural clay and sand. Considered mineral-rich, it is great for maintaining electrolyte balance and reducing muscle cramps.

Red Salt

This beautiful salt also hails from Hawaii. The red color comes from Hawaiian clay. It is probably the most nutrient-rich salt on the market. That’s because it is incredibly iron rich. Great for those who are low on iron and want a natural supplement.

Wholesale Salt And The Market

In terms of salt sales it’s the U.S., that leads the way on the salt market.  This is according to Grandview Market Research. While table salt remains in demand, consumer tastes have shifted dramatically.  Today this includes gourmet styled salts such as the ones outlined above. One big reason for the shift besides culinary interests is the low sodium found in specialty salts. This is in comparison to commercial table salt. Consumer awareness in terms of healthier salt options has impacted the market considerably.

Here’s some great wholesale salt products to sale on your website: 

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