Natural Hair Wholesale Opportunities: Conditioner

Natural Hair Wholesale Opportunities: Conditioner

Hair extensions can be tricky to take care of. Even if they are made of real hair, they do not act the same as the hair growing from your scalp. You need to take special care of them so you can ensure that they’ll last a long time while maintaining their shine and strength.

One way to make sure that your extensions will last is to use a quality conditioner. Because extensions cannot receive the benefit of your scalp’s natural oils like your real hair, conditioning them regularly will help to keep them nourished.

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Online sellers who decide to get into natural hair wholesale conditioner will find that there are many consumers who are looking for organic brands. Conditioners that have natural ingredients are better for hair health compared to traditional products.

Nature’s Gate

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Nature’s Gate proudly advertises their vegan hair products that contain no sulfates, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. Such ingredients can lead to dull hair or harmful chemical buildup. With entirely plant-based formulas, you do not have to worry about harsh chemicals.

This is true for hair extensions, as well. Using traditional conditioners that often have unnecessary chemicals can weaken them and make them susceptible to damage.

Nature's Gate conditioner

This specific conditioner by Nature’s Gate is the best you can use if you have hair extensions. It’s made with aloe vera and macadamia oil, both of which promote healthy hair. The enzymes in aloe vera work to smooth and shine your hair, which will hold the integrity of extensions for longer. The fatty acids in macadamia oil is good for repairing brittleness, locking in moisture, and preventing frizz.

This is really helpful if you style your hair often. Extensions could use some extra help in recovering from styling products and tools compared to natural hair. This conditioner is perfect for keeping them nourished and strong so they look just as good as the day you got them.

Yes To

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Yes To is another natural brand that has a bit of a twist to their products. They have very unique ingredients that not many other companies dare to experiment with, such as tomatoes and carrots! Many beauty brands use fruits, but not many have prominently used vegetables like carrots.

One of the main ingredients in their Nourish line is carrots. It turns out that the vitamins in carrots are great for your hair. They’re rich in vitamin A, which can promote growth and will strengthen hair.

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Yes To’s carrot conditioner is perfect for caring for your extensions. If you notice that your hair is getting dull or even starting to break, then using this enriched conditioner can repair it. The vitamins in carrots can even repair damage from sunlight. It can strengthen and shine your hair. However, unlike most conditioners, it can also undo damage that has already been done.


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Even conditioners that brands advertise as good for hair growth can be great for hair extensions. Although Jason calls their conditioner “Long & Strong,” it is still a solid organic option to use on extensions.

Jojoba oil is very beneficial to hair health. Overall, it will strengthen, repair, and protect any type of hair. It can cleanse any pollutants without drying out hair. For hair with breakage and split-ends, jojoba oil can restore hair to its original glory.

Go Organic

There are a lot of natural hair products that can promote healthy hair and keep extensions looking gorgeous. Starting with these options and finding the right conditioner for your hair will be much easier after understanding the ingredients and how they can benefit you. Going organic is a great choice for sellers and buyers alike.

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