Achieve Beautiful Natural Hair: Wholesale Shampoo for Extensions

Achieve Beautiful Natural Hair: Wholesale Shampoo for Extensions

These days, the thing that matters most for beauty products is whether or not they are organic. Consumers concern themselves with what goes into their everyday products and if it is ethically-sourced. There are some well-established brands that people trust that contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives. However, the more customers look into these ingredients, the less trusting they are of those brands.

The newest and best emerging brands are ones that have natural and safe ingredients. While some people will prefer organic over inorganic, there are others who will find organic necessary to their routine. People with hair extensions should especially use natural hair products so they can preserve the quality of their often expensive installments.

This provides an opportunity for online sellers to get into natural hair wholesale products. Hair products are great for wholesaling, and adding on the specialty of organic will make them that much more appealing.

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Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica Instagram post with shampoo and conditioner

To properly take care of hair extensions, you need to take extra precautions compared to your naturally growing hair. Because extensions are not connected to your roots, they will not have the benefit of your oils to nurture them. This is why using an organic shampoo without harsh chemicals, sulfates, or preservatives is crucial to maintaining hair extensions.

Do Good, Do Beautiful

Alba Botanica is a prominent organic brand that is dedicated to ethical and safe ingredients. They are also concerned with the women who use their products, and they work to empower organizations that do the same.

Alba Botanica has started a grant program to support women-led organizations. Not only do they sell organic products that are environment-friendly, but they also take some of the money they make and give it to people who work towards supporting young women, the earth, and animals.

The entry period for their current grants is over. However, if you are curious about the entrants or want to keep up to date on which 2 organizations they will grant $15,000, then you can keep an eye on their site for when they announce the winners.

Giovanni Cosmetics

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Giovanni Cosmetics is another brand that makes their products without harmful ingredients. They do not add sulfates, parabens, or dyes, which make this shampoo great for any type of hair, but especially extensions.

Their line of “Tea Tree Triple Treat” hair products use essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, and eucalyptus to cleanse, nourish, and protect hair.

Using natural rather then synthetic ingredients can make all the difference for the health of your hair. Tea tree oil is great for hair health because it cleanses without drying out or damaging hair. You may experience breakage if you often use styling products or hot tools on your hair. Tea tree oil can work to repair it.

For anyone who has problems with dandruff, it is also the perfect ingredient to treat and prevent dry scalp or dead skin cell buildup.

Offering Organic

By stocking organic shampoos in your online shop, you are feeding the demand for quality products. There is a growing interest in natural ingredients and proper hair care. It is a good opportunity to go with brands like Alba Botanica and Giovanni.

Since hair extensions are also rising in popularity, consumers are beginning to switch to natural shampoos as they learn more about the proper care for their locks. Overall, more and more people are wanting organic options, and offering that to them will surely result in profit.

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