Excellent Money Making Opportunity: Dropship Essential Oils

AURA CACIA: 100% Pure Essential Oil Peppermint

With the dropshipping method, you can easily start a successful online store featuring wholesale essential oils without purchasing inventory in advance. As a reseller, there’s low overhead and no inventory management necessary.

More About Dropshipping And Starting Your Wholesale Essential Oils Business

Dropshipping gives you the opportunity to resell essential oils supplies minus the task of managing your own inventory. It also exempts you from having to purchase essential oils products up-front. Plus, you don’t have to fulfill orders as they come in. Without these time-consuming elements to running a wholesale business, you can truly compete with larger businesses as an independent online seller. Risk is minimized substantially.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: Good for Business

Aura Cacia Euphoria Essential Oil Blend 0.5 fl. oz.So exactly what is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is basically using essential oils that come from plants. Its purpose is to enhance well-being. This includes physical and psychological health. Fact is, aromatherapy has been around for centuries. Primarily used as an alternative medicine, it safely treats numerous issues and ailments.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy acts as triggers to the brain to promote healing.  The oils are known to balance out hormone levels, relieve and heal digestive problems, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Multiple studies have revealed that aromatherapy is a legitimate form of medicine. When someone inhales essential oils, the effect is that the nose induces strong brain stimuli. Also, applying an essential oil on the skin is greatly beneficial as well as the oils are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via skin tissue.

Topical use of essential oils is very popular in treating skin disorders and mood balancing. Many essential oils are very effective when ingested. Peppermint oil can relieve gas and stomach discomfort.

When it comes to psychological challenges and imbalance, essential oils can have a powerful healing effect on such conditions. Just by breathing in the oils using a diffuser or even a hot bath, the benefits and relief are almost immediate.

Why Dropship Essential Oils?

essential oils Dropshipping and essential oils is a match made in heaven. Why? Let’s look at some market research information that shows you why now is a great time to get into the wholesale essential oils business.

According to Global Market Insights, consumers are increasing their fondness for alternative medical solutions like aromatherapy and other natural healing options. In fact, the global aromatherapy market is expected to surpass an astonishing $ 2 billion in sales by 2024. Shunning conventional pharmaceutical drugs, natural healing products for ailments such as insomnia, respiratory issues, and challenges to the immune systems, the popularity of organic medical options including essential oils based aromatherapy increases dramatically year over year.

As the demand for essential oils-based products grow, products which feature essential oils in their ingredients also are seeing a fast growth on the market. In addition, items such as cosmetics, skincare products, and haircare with sustainable natural ingredients have witnessed a tremendous spike in sales over the last few years as consumers are more and more attracted to these kinds of organic products.

As a wholesale essential oils supplier you can easily ride the growing wave of popularity in essential oils and aromatherapy products. Here are some of the most popular essential oils on the market:

Tea Tree oil is one of the most popular and effective essential oils for aromatherapy use. Moreover, the aromatherapy community has known all along that it can boost the immune system and fight infections.

Lavender is an effective stress-relieving oil. In addition to stress-relieving properties, lavender is a healing aid against colds, flu and migraine.

It comes as no surprise that lemon is a favorite essential oil that improves concentration, aids in digestion and eases symptoms of acne and arthritis.


Peppermint has a cooling, refreshing effect and its users believe it to enhance mental alertness. This perennial herb boasts natural energy-boosting properties.

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