Natural Hair Wholesale Opportunities: Gel for Extensions

Natural Hair Wholesale Opportunities: Gel for Extensions

Many women these days are getting hair extensions to compete with the ever-evolving trends to seek out the biggest and best of everything. Even once you have the long, flowing hair that you typically only see in magazines and on billboards, you have to consider the logistics of keeping up with it. To really achieve the look you want, your hair and extensions need to be treated properly, lest you waste money and end up with dingy and broken locks.

Extensions made from real hair can be treated much like your natural hair. However, you should take some extra time with them and use the correct products if you want them to last.

Natural hair wholesale products that contain organic ingredients are popular right now because they are the best way to take proper care of your hair.

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Organic Makes for the Best Hair Care

In general, using hair care products with natural ingredients is a better choice in comparison to traditional products. Many of them have preservatives, harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrances. All of these can cause your hair to dry out, skin to become irritated, and they have adverse effects on the environment when disposed of.

Switching to organic products can prevent these issues and actually improve the health of your hair. This is very important for extension-wearers, because damage is not as easily reversible for hair that is no longer growing.

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You may be worried to style your hair extensions for fear of damaging them. However, you can freely have your hair in whatever ‘do you want once you get the right products. Here are a few examples of the best styling gels you can use with your extensions.

Mill Creek

Instagram post by @millcreekbotanicals of Biotene hair gel

Mill Creek created a whole line of hair products that they call Biotene. They use natural ingredients to provide a healthier, cleaner way to achieve beautiful hair. This gel allows for control without making your hair feel brittle. It actually helps to moisturize as you use it.

A gel like this is great for everyday use, and it works well with extensions. Because it does not contain parabens or sulfates, you don’t have to worry about keeping the integrity of your extensions. The natural ingredients keep hair nourished.


Jason flaxseed styling hair gel

Jason offers a variety of plant-based products, including hair products. This styling gel contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. It promises a salon quality texture for styling any type of hair whether thick, thin, straight, or curly. They have also added flaxseed as an ingredient, which adds volume and shine.

Jason also advertises this product as being safe to use on dyed and permed hair, so customers know that it is gentle enough to use on treated hair.

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals sunflower and Citrus styling gel

Just like the other gels we’ve talked about, this one by Andalou Naturals has zero preservatives and sulfates, and is non-GMO. Its plant-based formula makes for another solid choice for natural styling products. This company is proud of their “fruit stem cell science” which they promise will improve longevity and vitality of your hair.

This type of gel would be great to use for extension-wearers, because it is also a 10-in-1 balm. Here’s the full list of benefits:

  • Controlled Styling
  • Extra Body
  • Improved Texture
  • Style Definition
  • Hydration
  • Damage Repair
  • Static Control
  • Humidity Shield
  • Heat & Color Protection
  • Healthy Shine

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There’s hardly a reason not to use this product. If you are in need of a styling gel that is effective, doesn’t cause damage, and actually improves the health of your hair, then look no further.

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