Now Essential Oils Wholesale & Aura Cacia: What Every Retailer Needs To Know

Now essential oils

Wholesale NOW Essential Oils: Are They Top Dog In The Industry?

You can’t go wrong with wholesale NOW essential oils. Besides being one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, they’ve been producing high-quality essential oils for decades. All of their essential oil products are pure and free of synthetic ingredients.

For best quality, Now Foods combines steam distillation, solvent extraction, cold press and CO2 extraction methods. The goal is to get the most potent extraction while providing the strongest aroma. This is a company that truly cares about the creation process.  because of the unique distilling process, Now Foods produces far more superior products than many of their competitors.

On the organic reseller front, wholesale Now Foods essential oils are particularly a value because each product is tested internally and externally for USDA certification. All of NOW essential oils wholesale products are certified USDA organic.

Another unique aspect of Now essential oils is that the company has total control over their botanicals and herbs. This is because they farm the plants themselves.

Fact is, the variety of products found among Now wholesale essential oils is impressive. Now Foods offers over 100 different oils and a dozen or so essential oil blends. Scents range woodsy oils such as Pine or Fir to citruses and florals. They also offer classic oils like peppermint and lavender.

Because the product variety is so huge, some say it’s easier to buy Now essential oil kits and then build upon the essential oils that you need that are not included.

With the exception of jasmine oil blends,  all wholesale Now Foods essential oils are naturally derived.

But is NOW essential oils the best for your business?

Every good brand has a competitor that’s just as good if not better. While NOW is well known in the essential oils industry, there are also other brands that are just as recognizable. Aura Cacia is another long-time player. The company also produces high-quality essential oils made from pure plant extract. Like NOW essential oils, Aura Cacia has a huge variety of products. They maintain strict production guidelines to ensure consumers get the most organic essential oils on the market.

What Are Food Grade Essential Oils?

Both NOW and Aura Cacia are food grade essential oil brands. But it’s important to note that not all of their essential oils are food grade.  “Food grade” means that the ingredients or materials used in a product should be non-toxic and safe for consumption.

However, the Now Essential Oils brand stresses that while they may be food grade they’re really meant for external use. The Superfoodly website provides a comprehensive list if you’re interested in finding out more about food grade essential oils products.

Aura Cacia also discourages any swallowing of their food grade products. Both companies produce essential oils that are “Certified Organic.” This means that the products are produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Act. In other words, the product has been verified meeting strict organic standards. However, currently, there is no grading system for essential oils.

So which is better? Aura Cacia Or NOW essential oils?

Both are excellent products. They both offer outstanding blends. The oils from each company are pure essence. And they both feature a vast amount of fragrances to choose from. At GreenDropShip, we proudly feature Aura Cacia and Now essential oils products. The following are just a sample of great Aura Cacia products to sell on your website:

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Check out our catalog on our selection of Aura Cacia and Now essential oil products. We have essential oils products to satisfy all of your customer’s needs.