Opportunities in Wholesale Feminine Products: Diva Cup

Opportunities in Wholesale Feminine Products: Diva Cup

All menstrual products are great sellers because they are necessary to the lives of women. Wholesaling them is a great opportunity for online sellers who are looking into the category of personal care. Women are always interested in making their lives easier when on their period. Buying wholesale feminine products online is one way to do that.

One specific product that has been on an upward trajectory for a while now is the DivaCup. It has a lot of appeal for being a convenient, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Once you look into the pros and cons of this product, you will see why selling them can be profitable and why more women are looking into getting it.

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Sustainable Alternative

Millions of women dispose of their used pads and tampons every single day. It makes up for a lot of waste that takes a long time to decompose naturally in the ecosystem. Even for feminine products that are made of 100% natural cotton, they are biodegradable, but it still takes years to break down.

Traditional pads are made of both cotton and plastic, which is not biodegradable. All menstrual products are individually wrapped in plastic, which just leads to more waste.

The DivaCup is the perfect alternative because it is reusable. You simply wash it in between uses and you can use it indefinitely. It completely eliminates the issue of pointless waste. This is a big selling point for environment-conscious consumers. Switching to the DivaCup will result in a better Earth.

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Safe Materials

Some people worry about the ingredients of traditional menstrual products. Manufacturers of pads and tampons use many chemicals for the bleaching process. They also use ingredients for sanitation purposes, but which some women have adverse reactions to.

Many pads also use odor neutralizing chemicals or synthetic fragrances which can be skin irritants. As for products made with cotton, people also worry about the effect of pesticides used and whether they are absorbing them.

There is no research to prove that using these products will have damaging or lasting effects. On the extreme side of the argument, women could be absorbing harmful toxins that could eventually lead to disease. On the lighter side, there are some questionable ingredients that may cause irritation in some women. Either way, it can be relieving to have a safe product like the DivaCup that you know doesn’t have harmful chemicals.

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How is the DivaCup Better?

DivaCups are made entirely of silicone. It’s easier to insert then tampons, because it isn’t stiff like cotton. It also doesn’t have to use plastic for insertion. The smooth material works with your natural flow so it doesn’t need lubrication. The cup also sits low in the vaginal canal, unlike tampons which are closer to the cervix which can cause irritation or abrasions.


It may seem intimidating at first for women to insert the DivaCup and trust that it won’t leak or shift. Many women are still willing to try it out, because if you can familiarize yourself, it is extremely convenient.

For women with a typical flow, they can wear the DivaCup for up to 12 hours before removing, cleaning, and reinserting it. That can mean from sunrise to sunset or a full work day’s worth of not worrying about your period, which is revolutionary.

The DivaCup is unique enough to garner interest, different enough to cause skepticism, but it’s also similar enough to other menstrual products so that it’s worth a try. For women who are already comfortable and familiar with tampon usage, the DivaCup isn’t terribly different. Just like a tampon, you use it internally. The big difference is that it is reusable, but that is its appeal.

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Are You Convinced?

It’s okay to be skeptical of this product since pads and tampons have been the forefront of menstrual products for many years now. However, as more women start to use menstrual cups, they are telling people about them and getting their friends to try them, too.

Online sellers who are looking to add new and interesting products to their inventory should consider the DivaCup, because its demand does not seem to be decreasing anytime soon.

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