Opportunities in Wholesale Natural Hair Products: Hair Masks

Opportunities in Wholesale Natural Hair Products: Hair Masks

Hair masks have been growing in popularity lately. When you use a face or hair mask, it may come with the image of being at a spa with cucumbers over the eyes and a drink in hand. To be able to have that experience from the comfort of home just by buying a certain product is why more people are buying them.

woman getting scalp massage at a spa

Some people enjoy DIY masks that usually involve smothering your hair in raw egg or honey. It sounds good in theory, but in practice it’s quite sticky and requires a thorough tub-cleaning afterward. Wholesale natural hair products like masks can relieve effort on part of the consumer and provide opportunities for sellers.

Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture hair mask

Most people know Shea Moisture for their hydrating hair and skin products, and this hair mask is no different. It uses honey and coconut oil like many homemade masks. However, this mask has added nutrients and essential oils for an even deeper treatment.

This will not only keep hair feeling soft and smooth, it will also repair damaged and broken hair. For people who frequently style their hair with gels, sprays, straighteners, and curlers, it is important to give it recovery time and products like this will assist in the process.

Sales Ranking

Shea Moisture hair mask sales rank

To show you how hair masks truly are rising in demand, here are the sales ranks for Shea Moisture’s hair mask over the past couple of years. This chart comes from camelcamelcamel, which is a great resource for online sellers trying to keep up with trends.

You can see that they were pretty low at the end of 2015, but they have since risen to their best ranking in its history of sale on Amazon in 2018. This shows how hair masks are selling significantly more now compared to even a year ago.

Giovanni Cosmetics – 2Chic Line

Giovanni Cosmetics avocado and olive oil hair maskGiovanni’s 2Chic line of products includes two different hair masks for different purposes. This one has avocado and olive oil to hydrate, smooth, and strengthen dry or brittle hair. Because you are meant to leave the mask in for a few minutes, it the perfect treatment for hair that needs a little extra care.

Giovanni Cosmetics blackberry and coconut hair mask

The other mask in Giovanni’s 2Chic line is for intensive repair especially for chemically treated hair. Just like the other one, it will work to smooth and strengthen hair. Unlike that one, this one uses coconut milk and the antioxidants in blueberries to tame frizziness and repair split-ends.

This mask is specifically for those who bleach or dye their hair and need to revitalize what the chemicals have caused. Using a mask like this regularly can return damaged hair to its former state and make it better than ever.

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