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Bergamot Tree

In our series of articles about learning essential oils for resellers, the spotlights turn to the bergamot oil this time. In this article, we will take a closer look at its various benefits and uses so that potential resellers can feel more informed about the product. Selling essential oils online can be a great extra income thanks to the dropshipping method. The dropshipping method comes with a minimal risk as online retailers very little upfront investments to start up. Online retailers in dropshipping business enjoy low startup costs, no inventory risk, and a lot of time in their hands as they do not have to deal with order fulfillment.

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Selling Essential Oils Online

Aura Cacia Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

Anyone can sell essential oils online and enjoy high repeat business if they are successful. However, dropshipping essential oils are especially perfect for people, who already make use of them for their professional lives. They are in a perfect position to sell them to their own customers. For example, a yoga instructor, who often uses essential oils in yoga sessions because of their aromatherapy. They can offer them to their yoga students. Dropshipping, on the other hand, is the perfect method for them as drop shipping business is not a full-time job!

Introduction to Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Aura Cacia

Bergamot is a citrus fruit about the size of an orange. Scientifically called Citrus bergamia, it is an aromatic fruit, which is especially popular in Mediterranean countries. In fact, its name originates from the city of Bergamo in Northern Italy, where it was commonly sold in the late 17th century. Accordingly, bergamot holds a special place in Italian folk medicine for its healing qualities.

Like all the citrus plants, bergamot`s essential oil is extracted from the fruit`s peel with cold press method. As a mechanical extraction method that is suitable to citrus`s specific oil bearing structure, cold press method is more effective than steam distillation and solvent extraction when it comes to citrus.

Common Uses and Benefits of Bergamot Oil

Frankincense and Bergamot Oil Aura Cacia

Bergamot is one of the most popular essential oils that you can sell. Its versatility is one of the reasons why it sells well. It has a wide range of uses that benefit both the body and the mind. Besides, it is a great natural deodorizer.

Bergamot Oil as a Strong Antidepressant

Let`s start with bergamot oil`s positive effects on our minds. Inhaling bergamot oil can increase your self-confidence, mood, appetite while it lowers fatigue, stress, and general lack of enthusiasm. A 2017 study conducted in a waiting room of a mental health treatment center in Utah, AZ, proves the uplifting effect of bergamot oil on our mood. Various other studies report similar results, some of which compare it with the effects of diazepam.  So, it is safe to say bergamot oil is a natural antidepressant. Considering the side effects of a lot of prescribed mental health drugs, bergamot oil stands as an important natural alternative to mental health treatment without the side effects.

Fighting Cold & Fever

Italian folk medicine has relied on bergamot oil to reduce fever for centuries. Indeed, bergamot essential oil can be very effective in reducing fever. This essential oil can significantly reduce your symptoms. It is a great one to use during cold and flu because it is effective in fighting infections and bacteria.

Other Health Benefits

Bergamot and Lavender Aura Cacia

Bergamot oil comes with various health benefits:

  • It can heal scars on our skin. However, before applying to the skin, we must dilute it to avoid skin irritations.
  • It helps with digestion and relieves congestion with its internal use.
  • It heals infections because of its antiseptic qualities. offers Aura Cacia oils at real wholesale prices as well as fast shipping, blind shipping, up-to-date inventory data, and high-resolution images.

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