Organic Essential Oils Wholesale: Ginger

In this article, we will explore ginger oil and its benefits.  By reading this article, you can find out more about drop shipping essential oils. And, more specifically,  you can find some useful information about vetiver oil and about reselling organic essential oils wholesale in general.

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Introduction to Ginger Oil

Aura Cacia Ginger Essential Oil 0.5 fl. oz.

Ginger is native to tropical rainforests of Southern Asia. It is a perennial plant that grows about 3 feet (a meter) tall. Fresh ginger or ground ginger has been used by humans since the ancient times.

Ginger oil is obtained by the steam distillation of ginger root (Zingiber officinale). Its color change from yellow to light amber. Fresh ginger root has a rich history and various health benefits such as supporting digesting and anti-inflammatory benefits. It has been an important part of folk medicine for different cultures. Fresh ginger has great benefits because of an active constituent that we call gingerol. Gingerol is also an active constituent in the essential oil of ginger. As a matter of fact, the essential oil has even more gingerol than fresh ginger. This simply means that the essential has even more health benefits than fresh ginger.

The Most Important Uses and Benefits of Ginger Oil

Foot Soak with Fresh Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger oil has a wide variety of benefits.

  • Ginger oil promotes healthy digestion. It is an ideal natural remedy for indigestion and stomach spasms.
  • It treats nausea. Ginger oil can treat pregnancy induces nausea. It can also help with sea sickness, vomiting, and relieves some of the chemotherapy side effects.
  • Ginger oil treats food poisoning. It has antiseptic qualities. So, it can fight bacterial infections that cause food poisoning. In addition, it relieves nausea. So, it is a perfect natural treatment to relieve the symptoms of food poisoning.
  • It has anti-cancer activities. Studies show that ginger oil can “play a role in prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.”
  • Ginger oil boosts mood. Diffusing, therefore inhaling ginger oil can help us feel more confident and calm.
  • It can relieve sinusitis, congestion, runny nose. It relieves the symptoms of common cold. Its antibacterial properties also help fight flu and the common cold.
  • Ginger oil reduces inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory qualities reduce symptoms of swelling, pain, and fever.
  • It supports heart health. It lowers blood clotting and cholesterol levels.

Drop Shipping Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Ginger Hand and Foot Massage Oil

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Dropshipping allows retailers to sell products online without taking the inventory risks. Dropshipping suppliers are wholesalers that buy directly from the manufacturers and offer their inventory to their own customers. Drop shipping companies will offer products at real wholesale prices. Then, the retailer might list their products online with retail prices depending on the availability of the product in drop shipping supplier’s products.

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