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In this article, we will examine rosemary essential oil closely. The aim is to better inform potential resellers about this essential oil should they decide to sell it. Selling essential oils online can be a source of great extra income. A reliable dropship supplier can help you sell essential oils without inventory risk. As there will be low startup costs, the risk is minimal. As the supplier takes care of order fulfillment, you will have time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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Who Can Sell Rosemary Oil Online?

Aura Cacia Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Ideally, anyone with an internet connection and a laptop can start selling essential oils online. Thanks to dropshipping, startup costs for such a business is so low that everyone has a chance to start their own online store. However, not everyone has an equal chance of success. Although this can be a side business, it still requires a lot of planning, effort, and marketing skills.

On the other hand, certain people are more likely succeed while selling essential oils online because of certain advantages. One example that comes to mind is the people that already have an audience to market their products. Take a yoga instructor as an example.Essential oils and yoga go hand in hand. Because of aromatherapeutic qualities of essential oils, most yoga instructors recommend them to their students to use during yoga sessions. So, it only makes sense for a yoga instructor to sell essential oils online. They can more easily market it to a specific audience because they truly and literally know their audience.

Introduction to Rosemary Oil

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is quite a popular plant that is native to the Mediterranean. It belongs to a family of mint plants. This evergreen plant is fragrant. In Ancient Greek, it was known as anthos. The name rosemary, on the other hand, originates from its Latin name Rosmarinus. Ros, meaning “dew”, Marinus, meaning ‘of the sea”, it literally translates to “the dew of the sea”.

Rosemary is famous for its culinary uses. Probably everyone knows about it. We can extract its essential oil through steam distillation method. Its oil, on the other hand, has far-reaching benefits from improving memory to haircare. Then, let`s explore its uses and benefits more in detail.

The Most Important Uses and Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary and Memory

Rosemary and memory; their only correlation is not that fact that they rhyme with one another. Various studies has linked rosemary with improvement in short-term memory. This study, for instance, suggests:

“The research results of the effect of essential oil of rosemary on the human short-term image and numerical memory have been described. The study involved 53 secondary school students (24 boys and 29 girls) aged 13–15 years, residents of the Ukrainian metropolis. Participants were divided into the control group and “Rosemary” group, in which the rosemary essential oil was sprayed. The statistically significant differences in productivity of the short-term memory of the participants of these two groups have been found, while sex differences in uniform groups were absent. Therefore, the essential oil of rosemary has significantly increased the image memory compared to the control. Inhalation of the rosemary essential oil increased the memorization of numbers as well.”

Rosemary and Haircare

When people regularly apply rosemary oil to their hair, they notice a few differences over time. They find out that their hair has become less itchy and dry. Their hair grows faster while they get rid of their dandruff.

Other Benefits

  • Thanks to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it boosts our immunity.
  • Inhaling rosemary oil energizes and improves concentration.
  • It supports healthy digestion if we add a few drops to our meals.
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