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Aura Cacia Sandalwood Oil and Other Essential Oils

In this article, we are going to explore sandalwood essential oil to better inform potential resellers. As one of the most precious and costly essential oils, sandalwood essential oil is a great one to resell.  Dropshipping sandalwood oil will save you a lot of time and effort as well as reducing your startup costs and minimizing the risk. This is because drop shipping method allows you to get rid of inventory risk, leaving inventory management and order fulfillment up to your drop shipping supplier.

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Aura Cacia Sandalwood Oil

Introduction to Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Sandalwood oil is extracted from the woods of the Indian Sandalwood tree (Santalum album) or Australian Sandalwood tree (Santalum spicatum). These trees can live up to 100 years.

Extraction Method

The essential oil comes from the steam distillation of the ground wood,  which is its most central and larger wood. It has a clear color with a yellow tinge. As you would expect, it has a woodsy scent. Its aroma also sweet and subtle, which is lingering.

History of Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil has a rich history, especially in Indian culture. For centuries, the sandalwood tree has been considered holy in India. Accordingly, sandalwood oil has been a part of religious and spiritual ceremonies. In addition to its spiritual uses, thanks to its sweet and woody aroma, it has been used for various fragrances and perfumes for centuries!

Overharvesting the Indian Sandalwood Tree

Sandalwood Logs

Today, overharvesting and unsustainable farming practices, coupled with the high demand for the essential oil, have been threatening the population of the Indan sandalwood tree. This has led to a drastic price increase in sandalwood oil, making it one of the most expensive essential oils available. On the other hand, Australian sandalwood tree is not facing the same danger because of more sustainable farming practices. If you are concern about the over-harvesting of the Indian sandalwood tree as we are, you might want to consider selling Australian sandalwood essential oil, instead.

The Most Common Benefits and Uses of the Sandalwood Essential Oil

Aura Cacia Sandalwood Diffusion

  • Sandalwood oil is effective against viruses. Studies such as this one prove the antiviral activity of sandalwood oil.
  • Sandalwood oil is also antiseptic. This makes it an effective ingredient in creating homemade recipes such as natural mouthwash or cleaning supplies.
  • Its most well-known benefit is the fact that it enhances mood. Inhaling this essential oil will raise your spirits. No wonder it has been important to many spiritual ceremonies in India for centuries!
  • It also increases concentration and allows for mental clarity. This also makes it easier for people to remember things. In that sense, sandalwood oil boosts memory.
  • Its antioxidants repair your skin cells and slow again.  It also strenghtens hair, reducing hair loss significantly.

Dropshipping Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Tangerine Ylang Ylang Sandalwood Oil

Are you passionate about essential oils? You always wanted to have your own online essential oil store but you don`t want to take risks or quit your job? Dropshipping method allows you to resell essential oils online without stocking them yourself. When you sign up with a dropshipping supplier such as, we take care of order fulfillment and inventory management for you. Providing you with up-to-date inventory data multiple times a day, we make sure you avoid overselling.

Our fast shipping keeps your customers content. However, they will never know the product is shipped by us. This is because we only include your information within the order, which is called blind shipping. Logo offers Aura Cacia oils at real wholesale prices as well as fast shipping, blind shipping, up-to-date inventory data, and high-resolution images.

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