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Dried Thyme

In this article, we will take a closer look at thyme oil. Thyme itself is very popular all around the world. Its essential oil, on the other hand, has a wide variety of benefits. In this article, you find more information about thyme oil and reselling essential oils wholesale.

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Introduction to Thyme Essential Oil

Aura Cacia Red Thyme Oil

Thyme is an herb that really needs no introduction. It is very popular all around the world as used extensively in a lot of different cuisines. You can come across thyme in any grocery store. You can even hear about it in Simon & Garfunkel songs or English ballads from the 17th century. From ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greek to this day, thyme has held a special place in various cuisines and cultures all around the world.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is an herb that belongs to the mint family. This evergreen herb is native to the Mediterranean and it is a relative of Oregano plant. Thyme essential oil, on the other hand, comes from steam and water distillation of dried thyme.

The Most Important Uses and Benefits of Thyme Oil

Aura Cacia Lemon, Basil and Thyme Essential Oil Diffusion

Antibacterial Properties

Thyme oil is one of the most effective antibacterial essential oils. Thyme oil can effectively fight against the various type of bacteria. For this reason, it can be used to cure bacterial infections. As a result, thyme oil stands as one of the best natural alternatives to antibiotics. As the frequent use of antibiotics can be harmful to our bodies, it is important that we have alternatives such as thyme oil to replace antibiotics whenever we can.

Thyme oil can also serve to prevent foodborne bacteria. This study shows the effects of thyme and oregano oil in fighting against mold and foodborne bacteria. Another study proves the effectiveness of thyme oil in preserving refrigerated minced meat against spoilage and pathogen bacteria.

Similarly, thyme oil can also prevent Salmonella. This study reveals that antibacterial agents in thyme oil “achieved significant reductions of Salmonella on tomatoes and significantly decreased the risk of potential transmission of pathogens from tomatoes to washing solutions.”

Treating Common Cold and Flu

Thyme oil can be a perfect natural treatment for common cold and flu. This is because thyme oil can help you on multiple fronts fighting against the common cold. It fights infections and mold, helps you sleep better and get the rest that you need, and supports your emotional well-being. All these benefits can immensely help someone with both the common cold and flu.

Skin Care

Thyme oil is also an effective essential oil for providing skin care to your customers. Diluted thyme oil can cleanse and purify our skin. It is not only high in antioxidants but it also has antibacterial properties that will keep anyone`s skin healthy and clear.

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