Quality Wholesale Natural Hair Products for Styling

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Quality Wholesale Natural Hair Products for Styling

Depending on what products you use, styling your hair can be the worst thing for it. Many gels and hairsprays contain harmful chemicals that end up drying out hair and making it prone to breaking. It doesn’t make sense that the cost of styling your hair to look good can be the health of your hair and scalp.

Fortunately, there are tons of wholesale natural hair products that are safe to use. With the proper ingredients that are organic and plant-based, styling hair can actually assist in nourishing it. So throw away your inorganic creams and aerosol sprays, because there is a whole new world of healthy, natural products that are even more effective.

Here are some safe styling products from natural brands that are made with the best ingredients.

Giovanni Cosmetics

Giovanni conditioning and styling elixir

Most hairsprays have a mist that is propelled by aerosol, which is harmful to the ozone when dispersed into the air. It has been common practice for a while to use aerosol. However, with recent environmental concerns, people are looking for alternatives.

Aerosol can create a finer mist to apply the product, but the end results are the same. Products that simply use liquid and air are much healthier. This elixir spray by Giovanni Cosmetics is a great choice of hairspray. With blackberry extract and coconut milk, it smooths hair, controls frizz, and makes for an effective styling tool.

Giovanni blow out styling mist

Giovanni offers multiple styling sprays for different purposes. This one is perfect when you want a more voluminous look. They use argan oil and Brazilian keratin to protect hair from heat so you can safely use it with a straightener or curling iron.

Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica style gel

For a natural hair gel, Alba Botanica has made a fragrance-free style gel. Anyone who is sensitive to strong scents will have an easy time using this product. It is also alcohol-free, so it will not dry out hair. They made it with wheat protein, vitamins, and antioxidants, so you are healing your hair while styling it.

Alba Botanica style cream

If you need a product that’s not quite as strong and sculpting, there is this soft hold cream. It’s better for simpler styles that don’t require a gravity-defying hold. The formula is a lot like the gel. It contains herbal extracts and oils, so it helps damaged hair. Even using it on color-treated hair is safe and will not strip away dye.

Styling that’s Safe & Effective

Why just style your hair when you can also immerse it in beneficial plant extracts? Styling hair with natural formulas is the way to getting the healthiest and most luscious hair of your life.

Instagram post @albabotanica group of women cheering

Replacing your products that are harmful to both your hair and the environment can be liberating. You can feel better knowing that you’re making better choices, and you’ll look better when you see the results that natural products will make.

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