Business Opportunity: Selling Wholesale Hair Styling Products Online

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GIOVANNI COSMETICS: 2Chic Frizz Be Gone Hair Balm Shea Butter & Sweet Almond OilStarting a business selling wholesale hair styling products online is an excellent way to create a steady revenue to quickly build profits. From styling gels and hair spray to holding wax and styling foam, the demand for wholesale hair products is higher than it’s ever been. Purchasing hair products online is gradually becoming the preferred method of shopping for many time-challenged consumers. Fact is, purchasing products on the internet provides ease and quick customer service all in one click.

Another major plus to selling hair supplies online is the practically locked in repeat business. When it comes to favorite hair products, consumers tend to stick with products that work. The probability for repeat business is especially high for hair beauty products since consumers tend to restock their purchases on a regular basis. Running out of sugar is one thing. But no one likes to find out they’ve ran out of their favorite hair gel just prior to getting ready to leave home for work or an outing.

Over the last few decades the hair beauty products market has evolved. Consumers have gone beyond just washing and styling their hair. Today, consumers want to protect and strengthen their hair and do it preferably with wholesome organic products without chemicals. Appearance plays a big role as well in how consumers choose their hair care and hair styling products.

Hair Styling Products Online: A Market Review

The global hair styling products market is expected to reach $9.8 billion dollars by 2023, according to a market study conducted by Morder Intelligence. The U.S., dominates that growth with hair spray making up 38% of the market. Part of the growth of hair styling products is driven by hair style trends and increase in disposable income among the American public.

As hair styling products made with organic ingredients continue on their pace to emerge as the dominate hair products on the market, the opportunities for selling online wholesale hair styling supplies are expansive with plenty of room for developing entrepreneurs.

Here are more statistical findings:

  • Services held the largest market share owing to the growing popularity of hair extensions in countries such as the UK, and the U.S., and the inclination towards enhanced appearance coupled with growing population base.
  • Shampoo held the largest share in the product segment due to rising consumer awareness on the benefits of organic and natural shampoo. The increasing air pollution coupled with high adoption rate of shampoo in daily use is attributed to the largest market share.
  • Hair color is expected to witness fastest growing product over the forecast period owing to the changing fashion trend. The increasing penetration of national and international salons in tier II and tier III cities in Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America region and rising product visibility across multi-retail outlets contribute to the fastest growth of the product.
  • U.S. dominated the hair care market owing to the presence of large multinational companies focusing on providing superior quality hair care products such as styling products, conditioner, color and shampoo.
  • While hair styling products for unisex currently cover over 1/3rdshare of the total market value, it is also expected that there will be relatively higher traction for hair styling products for men over the course of coming years. Products for women will continue to witness moderately growing sales.
  • With online sales extending the lion’s share in sales of hair styling products, it is most likely that the rampant penetration of Ecommerce would translate into enhanced revenue growth prospects for hair styling products market.
  • Organic hair care market size (especially wholesale natural hair products),  is expected to witness a surge in demand owing to rising usage of natural constituents based products as they are healthy for hair. Increasing demand for sulphate free products is predicted to propel industry growth. Upsurge in personal care and beauty industry is also one of the key factor to support the product demand.

Men And Hair Styling Products

Every Man Jack Fiber CreamPerhaps, the fastest growing market among hair styling products consumers are men. Awareness towards complete body care and strong social influence have played heavy roles in how today’s men are expressing stronger and more focused attention on hair care.

While women lead online purchases for hair styling products, men are fast catching up as they very much value the convenience of one-click shopping. More and more products by major hair styling manufacturers have started to emphasize organic products aimed at the male sector of the U.S. population as men’s grooming products have become a focus of revenue.

Dropshipping And Wholesale Hair Styling Products

Why dropship? As an order fulfillment method that allows online retailers to sell product without the need for upfront inventory, dropshipping is an outstanding way to create profits with very little overhead. You can dropship selling wholesale hair styling products to U.S. customers from anywhere in the world. Have a full-time job? Dropshipping enables you to create a side business without much time investment. It’s a great source of income with minimal requirements.

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