Top Natural Products To Sell From Home

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Selling natural products from home today is easier than ever. From natural skincare products to essential oils, there are many products you can sell right from home. What’s more, there’s never been a better time than now to start a home business selling these kinds of items. Today, consumers are making a huge move away from commercially produced chemical-laden products. And moving towards natural goods that are better for them and safer to use.

In this article, we’ll cover how to sell products from home and the kinds of natural products to sell. These include natural foods, natural skincare, essential oils, and natural supplements. You’ll discover that with the right items, selling natural products from home is easy and fun to do. Plus, the revenue rewards from sales can be great. The products that we’ll cover we consider them to be the top natural products to sell from home. These products are major sellers in the current market. They also have big potential to help you quickly establish an at-home business.

How To Sell Products From Home

There are several methods of how to sell natural products from home. Let’s check out the following ways here:

1. Make Your Own Products To Sell

There are many artisan soap and candle makers who create their own products and sell them right from home. Obviously there has to be a commitment to these crafts in terms of making unique and natural items to sell to the public. Also, they’re those who make food items to sell online. All of these products are fantastic goods to sell. However, these kinds of online retailers are subject to stringent government rules and various permits to be able to sell their products.

Not only that, retailers such as these are completely responsible for shipping and all issues concerning customer support. While one can be successful at running an at-home business selling natural products of this kind online, it’s best suited for someone who is willing to wear multiple hats with an aptitude for a lot of responsibility.

2. Selling Natural Products Via Direct Sales Companies

With this method of selling natural products from home, you can choose from several direct sales companies to sell your products. However, when selling from home doesn’t necessarily mean selling from a website. Many direct sales companies offering natural products require that you establish a local territory in your area to promote your goods. Hired on as a consultant, you’re typically paid a commission on your sales of their products.

These kinds of companies usually charge a fee for a set-up kit and products. Then it’s up to you to sell them and report all revenue and earnings.

3. Dropshipping Natural Products Online

Dropshipping is a supply chain method in which an online retailer never sees the products that they sell. Instead, all products are inventoried by a wholesaler who handles all shipping to customers that purchase from the online retailer. The online retailer never inventories or sees any product.

This is by far the easiest method of selling natural products from home. All it takes is establishing a relationship with a reputable wholesaler who offers a dropshipping program for natural goods. As a retailer, you get to select the products you wish to sell on your website. And at any time offer new products that the wholesaler makes available. You never have to worry about shipping orders to customers or stock any products. All that’s done for you from the wholesaler’s end. This gives you more time to promote your online business and expand your customer base. Some wholesalers offer a specific niche in natural products while others maintain a broad selection of natural goods for your online store. These range from natural foods and skincare products to essential oils and supplements.

Below are the top natural products that you can sell from home.

Top Natural Products to Sell via Dropshipping

Natural Foods

THE SPICE HUNTER Cumin Turkish GroundTHE SPICE HUNTER Granulated California Garlic

If you’re an online retailer interested in selling natural foods, there are several wholesalers such as GreenDropShip. Our website offers a huge variety of natural food products for your online store. You can offer items such as natural spices and seasonings to cooking and baking products like varieties of alternative flour and gourmet natural goods.

According to Allied Research, the global market for natural food sales was valued at $79 billion dollars in 2016. Since then sales have increased substantially. Health-conscious consumers are demanding healthy and natural food products as American diets over time have changed to reflect the presence of more nutritious and organic items to their food choices.

Natural Skin Care

KISS MY FACE Olive Oil And Chamomile Bar SoapNUBIAN HERITAGE Shea Butter Infused with Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver

Natural skincare products are on the rise due to consumer demand for personal care goods that are chemical-free and good for the skin. Products such as shea butter and skin dare brands like Kiss My Face that specialize in using natural ingredients to protect and promote skin health are readily available for retailers interested in dropshipping these items.

Sales in natural and organic skincare products are expected to soar past $7.15 billion by 2024 billion by 2025, according to Morder Intelligence. Again, this is due to the demand for healthier skincare and personal products that are made from organic and natural ingredients as opposed to chemical-based commercial items.

Essential Oils

AURA CACIA Organic Tea Tree Essential OilNow essential oils

Essential oils are another great natural product to sell online. Outstanding brands like Aura Cacia and NOW essential oils offer an amazing range of oil scents.  As aromatherapy continues to increase in popularity in the U.S., essential oils are excellent natural products to offer on your online store.

The demand for essential oils from consumers is impressive.  According to Global Market Insights, essential oil sales have catapulted past $8 billion dollars in 2018 and show no signs of slowing down. Concerns regarding alternative remedies for health and wellness has caused sales to surge as consumers seek natural ways to treat stress and other common maladies.

Natural Supplements

SUPERIOR SOURCE Children's Echinacea and Zinc, 60 tbSPECTRUM ESSENTIALS: Organic Flax Oil

Natural supplements are the latest natural products to experience a dramatic increase in popularity as new products hit the market almost weekly. Consumers have become well-informed with the abilities of natural supplements to help with many ailments.

Natural supplements like echinacea which account for the largest revenue share of the global market are in high demand for consumers. Others include turmeric, flaxseed oil, ginger, and moringa, which are also driving the natural supplement market growth.

According to Grand View Research, natural supplements sales were valued at $5.26 billion in 2017 and climbing. The fact is, all the natural supplement products outlined here in this article are excellent products to sell online. Consider dropshipping as your method of selling these products. It’s by far the easiest way to retail online and with very little overhead.

GreenDropShip offers all the great natural products listed here. Sign up for our catalog and see for yourself our extensive inventory of quality natural items. Let us help you make your business a success.