Top Products to Sell Online On Mother’s Day

Find the right dropshipping products for this Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Since coronavirus has made it hard to shop at brick-and-mortar retail stores, most people will be doing their shopping online. Just because everyone is stuck at home doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all celebrate that special day. That is why we created a list of top products to sell online for Mother’s Day via the dropshipping method.

Having a dropshipping store is the easiest way to add new products to your inventory. With dropshipping, the seller (you) does not store, pack, or ship any of the products that are sold. Instead, the dropshipping supplier handles these logistics and ships the items to the end consumer.

GreenDropShip is a premium dropshipping supplier that specializes in natural and organic products that are made in the USA. Here are some of the items you can find on that would be perfect for this upcoming Mother’s Day:

1) Endangered Species: Natural Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species natural dark chocolate is a great gift for Mother's Day.

Everyone loves chocolate. If you’re putting together a gift basket to show your mom just how special she is, you should definitely consider adding this amazing chocolate bar. Not only is it of the highest quality, but Endangered Species has a 10% giveback. This means that 10% of their net profits are donated annually to current GiveBack Partners. Over $1.4 million has been generated in the past three years alone.

This product is:

  1. Certified fair trade
  2. Gluten-free
  3. Kosher
  4. Non-GMO
  5. Vegan

Plus, with an average rating of 4.4, this is a highly-rated bestseller on Amazon.

Let’s also use a tool called SEMrush to examine the relevant Google Search data for endangered species chocolate:

Endangered Species Chocolate is a premium product you can offer this Mother's Day.

Based on the SEMrush analysis, the keyword Endangered Species Chocolate has incredibly high search volume: 5,400 Google searches per month. Related keywords like Endangered Species Dark Chocolate and Endangered Species Chocolate Bars have nearly 600 and over 300 monthly searches, respectively. This means that there’s a lot of interest in these products so they’ll be perfect additions to your dropshipping store this Mother’s Day.

2) Everyone: 3 in 1 Lotion

Everyone Lotion is perfect for your dropshipping store this Mother's Day.

As a dropshipping supplier, GreenDropShip specializes in natural and organic products. Take this 3 in 1 lotion from the Everyone, for example. It’s full of nutrient-rich plant extracts and vitamin E as well as the crisp, refreshing essential oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, and Orange. This leaves skin nourished and gently scented and is versatile enough to be used on the face, hands, and body (hence, the 3 in 1).

This product is also:

  1. GMO-free
  2. Gluten-free
  3. Cruelty-free
  4. Made without synthetic fragrances

Let’s take a moment to look at the Google Trends data for everyone lotion for the past 7 years:

Everyone Lotion is a product that is growing in popularity

As you can see, starting in late 2016 it’s been experiencing a steady upward trend in consumer interest on Google.

It’s also a popular item on Amazon. It has nearly 700 reviews and an average rating of 4.6. Plus, it’s been awarded the valuable Amazon’s Choice designation, meaning that it’s a highly rated, well-priced product with consistently high consumer satisfaction.

Let’s also take a look at the SEMrush results for everyone lotion: 

Everyone 3 in 1 lotion is a great Mother's Day gift.

As you can see, there are nearly 3,000 monthly Google searches for Everyone Lotion, making this is an exceptionally popular product. This makes it perfect for your online store.

3) Acure: Brilliantly Brightening Night Cream

Acure Brilliantly Brightening Night Cream is a great addition to your online store for Mother's Day.

Let your customers give the gift of radiant skin this Mother’s Day. Packed with all the necessary nutrients, Acure’s Brilliantly Brightening Night Cream moisturizes, protects, and hydrates so any mom can start the day off right. This product works its magic in the middle of the night so she can wake up to vibrant, younger-looking skin.

Acure’s Night Cream is:

  1. 100% vegan
  2. Paraben-free
  3. Sulfate-free
  4. Phthalate-free
  5. Mineral oil-free
  6. Petrolatum free
  7. Silicone free
  8. Cruelty-free

This incredible product also has an average rating of 4.4 on Amazon and has been given the valuable Amazon’s Choice award:

Acure's Night Cream has the Amazon's Choice award. e Amazon's C

However, Amazon only has a few of these left:

Acure Night Cream is perfect for your dropshipping store.

That means that this is the perfect time to add them to your dropshipping store just in case they run out of stock.

Let’s also take a look at the SEMrush data for acure night cream and acure brightening night cream: 

Acure Brightening night cream is a great Mother's Day gift.

Looking at the figures, we can see that there are 1,000 monthly Google searches for Acure Night Cream and nearly 600 monthly Google searches for Acure Brightening Night Cream. 

4) Green & Black Chocolate

Make sure you have Green & Black Organic Chocolate in your dropshipping store this Mother's Day.

Help satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth with this high-quality, premium chocolate from Green & Black’s. This chocolate bar is made with 85% cacao while still being balanced with just enough sugar to separate the acidity and bitterness. This brings out the savory notes in the cacao and the organic vanilla adds even more taste intensity to season the chocolate just right. Plus, selling dark chocolate is an excellent option for your dropshipping store.

This product is:

  1. Certified fair trade
  2. USDA-certified organic
  3. Vegetarian

Green & Black Organic Chocolate is also really popular on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.7 and the coveted Amazon’s Choice award.

Finally, let’s go over the monthly Google searches for the keywords green and black chocolate and green and blacks chocolate: 

Green & Black chocolate is a popular product.

Since both of those search terms refer to the same thing, you can add them together and see that there are nearly 1,600 monthly searches for Green & Black’s Chocolate products. That’s a substantial amount of interest in this particular item, making it a great addition to your e-commerce store.

5) Derma E: Vitamin C Intense Night Cream

Offering Derma E Vitamin C night cream is perfect for Mother's Day.

Skincare is important. That means you should offer the highest quality products for your customers to choose from.  The Vitamin C Intense Night Cream from Derma E is perfect for your dropshipping store this Mother’s Day. This antioxidant-rich and ultra-luxurious moisturizer is specially formulated to deliver overnight protection to restore youth and vitality to stressed-out skin. The probiotics and vitamin C work in harmony to rejuvenate and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, and any wrinkles.

This product is:

  1. 100% vegan
  2. GMO-free
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. Cruelty-free

It’s a highly-rated bestseller on Amazon with nearly 400 reviews and an average rating of 4.4. Plus, it’s been given the valuable Amazon’s Choice award:

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the monthly Google search volume for derma e vitamin c:

Derma E Vitamin C Cream is a great Mother's Day Gift.

Based on the data from SEMrush, you can see that there are nearly 3,000 monthly searches for Derma E Vitamin C on Google. That’s a considerable amount of consumer interest.

6) Jason: Vitamin E Oil

Jason Vitamin E Oil is the perfect Mother's Day gift for your dropshipping store.

GreenDropShip is proud to offer another premium skincare product in the form of this Vitamin E Oil from the US-based company Jason. With 14,000 international units (IU) in each bottle, it’s full of revitalizing vitamin E to treat dry and distressed skin. This includes damaged cuticles as well as rough patches on heels, knees, and elbows. All you need is one drop and you get instant relief. It’s also fortified with Avocado Oils to nourish and protect to make skin instantly softer,  smoother, and younger-looking.

This product is:

  1. Paraben-free
  2. Phthalate-free
  3. Made without artificial colors
  4. Made without petroleum products
  5. Eco-friendly

This is a highly-rated and bestselling product on Amazon with nearly 1,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4. Plus, like so many of the premium products we carry, it’s been awarded the coveted Amazon’s Choice:

Jason Vitamin E oil has the Amazon's choice award.

Let’s also take a moment to look over the search volume for jason vitamin e oil:

Jason Vitamin E oil is the perfect Mother's Day product in your dropshipping store.

Based on the data from SEMrush, we can see that Jason Vitamin E Oil has nearly 3,000 monthly searches on Google. That’s a lot of online shoppers who are searching for and interested in this product.

7) Alba Botanica: Hawaiian Body Scrub

ALBA BOTANICA: Hawaiian Body Scrub Sea Salt , 14.5 Oz

Every mom wants to have vibrant, glowing skin. This Mother’s Day, they won’t have to travel to the Hawaiian tropics to get full skin treatment. Instead, there’s Hawaiian Body Scrub with sea salt from the US-based company Alba Botanica. Sea salts from the Pacific Ocean help detoxify, purify, and exfoliate while a burst of citrus essential oils awakens the senses and renews energy. It’s a delightful medley of macadamia, avocado, and almond oils to soften and hydrate the skin.

This product is:

  1. 100% natural
  2. Paraben-free
  3. Made without artificial colors
  4. Made without artificial ingredients

Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Body Scrub is popular on Amazon, with nearly 400 reviews and an average rating of 4.1. Plus, it’s also been given the coveted Amazon’s Choice award:

Alba Botanica Body Scrub is an Amazon's Choice product and the perfect Mother's Day gift.

8) Desert Essence: Blemish Touch Stick

Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick is perfect for your dropshipping store this Mother's Day.

Being a mother is a full-time job and sometimes moms need on-the-go skincare when they don’t have the time to do their regular regimen. This is why Desert Essence created the popular Blemish Touch Stick. It’s powered by natural essential oils and botanical extracts of chamomile, lavender, and wintergreen. Additionally, it’s formulated with Tea Tree Oil in a proprietary blend that works to diminish imperfections and blemishes to give your complexion a vibrant and vivacious radiance.

This product is:

  1. Vegan/vegetarian
  2. Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  3. Gluten-free
  4. Cruelty-free
  5. Made without artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances

This is also a popular and highly-rated item on Amazon. It has an average rating of 4.6 and has been designated as an Amazon’s Choice product.

Finally, let’s take a look at the monthly Google searches for desert essence blemish touch stick and desert essence blemish stick:

Desert Essence Blemish touch stick has a high monthly search volume on Google.

Looking over the search data, you can see that the combined search volume of Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick and Desert Essence Blemish Stick is well over 500 per month. This means that there is plenty of interest in this product amongst online shoppers, making it a perfect addition to your dropshipping store.

Coronavirus shouldn’t stop anyone from celebrating this Mother’s Day the right way. That means you have to give your customers plenty of options for premium and high-quality items that moms will love.

This is where GreenDropShip comes in! We have over 20,000 natural and organic products to choose from. This includes food, beverages, body care, and beauty products as well as health and wellness. All you need to do is download the product feeds to import products into your online store. Join now to view our products and start dropshipping today!

Marcin Ossowski is a writer based in Los Angeles, California. At GreenDropShip, he writes about e-commerce, lending his expertise to online retailers and entrepreneurs on how to best drive sales and market their online stores. In his downtime, Marcin spends a lot of time outdoors and is actively pursuing his passion for writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and satire.