Wholesale Bath Salts: Healing Naturally

wholesale bath salt

The Healing Power Of Bath Salts

There are very few things as soothing as soaking in a steamy tub with bath salts. But did you know bath salts have several healing benefits?

If you’re an organic reseller you want to include wholesale bath salts among your products. Not only are bath salts an excellent way to relax, they’re known for treating all kinds of ailments. However, before we get into the great healing benefits of these organic minerals, let’s find out how bath salts have helped people feel better for centuries.

Bath salts are simply pulverized minerals that dissolve in water. Not only do they make you feel good while soaking in them, they actually contain cosmetic agents giving you a great bath experience.

They are used for the following:

  • Detox bath
    Minerals from natural bath salts are believed to remove toxins from the body. They relieve stress, constipation and even help with weight loss. Another great benefit is the body absorbs magnesium from the salts. This is great for people who suffer from a magnesium deficiency.
  • Muscle aches
    Ah yes. Bath salts help relieve muscle soreness and reduce inflammation. It’s a good idea to soak at least 15 to 30 minutes to get the best results.
  • Skin Inflammation
    Topical problems such as eczema, psoriasis and athlete’s foot find relief with this natural mineral.
  • Arthritis
    Get some relief from stiff aching joints by soaking in Epsom salt in a tub of warm water.

Salts also helps treat toe fungus and gout pain.  Furthermore, they even eliminate foot odor.

Salts Are In Demand

For the health and natural beauty dropshipper, the market looks great. According to Transparency Market Research, global sales stands at $2 billion dollars with a 2% growth projected each year until 2025. Epson and Himalayan salts (crystal salts that are mined from ocean beds beneath the Himalayas) are top performers.

Here’s a great selection of premium bath salts to sell on your web site.

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Variety Of Uses

Another great thing about bath salts is that they are used in aromatherapy, fertilizers, home care, and other applications. But most importantly, their healing properties are undeniable. Besides, organic product lovers keep bath salts as a staple among their personal care items. A natural remedy, this product should be featured among organic products to create return business.

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