Wholesale Zinc: What Every Family Needs To Know

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Benefits Of Wholesale Zinc & Why You Should Be Selling It

Wholesale zinc is a great nutrient to feature among the supplements on your online store. Along with necessary vitamins and minerals, zinc is important for a strong immune system, proper production of DNA, and supporting healthy growth during childhood. It’s also excellent for healing wounds.

While our bodies only need small amounts of it, zinc deficiency can actually impair the immune system in a serious way. Zinc’s role in aiding the immune system and helping it function has to do with T cells which control and regulate immune responses. Zinc also attacks infected and cancerous cells in our bodies.

Zinc And Family Facts For The Reseller

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But there’s more to how zinc acts as a holistic healing aid for common ailments and its support of bodily and mental functions. When marketing zinc among your supplements, it’s a good idea to highlight some of the following benefits zinc offers to your customers in supporting good health for themselves and their families:

Zinc For Diarrhea In Children

According to the World Health Organization, common diarrhea is responsible for the deaths of over 1.9 million children around the world. Zinc supplements are used to successfully treat diarrhea in children. This is something that should be shared with customers in marketing this nutrient. This especially applies to your customers who prefer to seek holistic treatments in addressing family ailments before pursuing medical or pharmaceutical support.

Zinc’s Impact on Learning

Again, zinc can support children. In this respect, zinc helps with learning and memory. Particularly forming memories and how children learn.

Zinc Supplements For The Common Cold

Zinc is great for the entire family when it comes to treating and even preventing common colds. The supplement has been known to reduce common cold illness duration by up to 40%. Taking lozenges or syrup 24 hours prior to the onset of heavy cold symptoms can provide substantial relief.

Zinc Benefits Wounds And Supports The Elderly

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It Helps Heal

Zinc is crucial in helping to maintain skin health and structure. Many patients who have experienced severe wounds or ulcers often have deficient zinc levels in their system. The supplement is used to increase wound healing and strengthen skin elasticity. Topical use of zinc on wounds decreases inflammation and bacterial growth. Zinc is also used in skin creams for diaper rash and other skin conditions.

It Decreases Age-related Chronic Disease

Maintaining proper zinc levels in the body actually helps reduce inflammatory diseases. This is due to zinc’s role in supporting the immune system. This is especially beneficial for older adults as their immune system becomes less resilient with age. Also in terms of older adults, zinc aids in the prevention of muscle degeneration and delaying vision loss.

Wholesale Zinc And The Market

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All of the above outlines zinc as a great supplement for the entire family.  It can also be great for business. According to Grandview Research, supplement sales soared past $115.06 billion dollars in 2018. An increase in health concerns along with changing lifestyles has supported supplement sales. Supplements like zinc are in high demand as consumer awareness about health issues is increasing.

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