Shea Butter for Black Hair: A Smart Business Opportunity

Trio of African-American women

Shea Butter For Black Hair Care: A Hidden Market Waiting To Explode

Shea butter for black hair care is an excellent way to expand your online retail business. In addition to your hair care products, you can increase revenue and your customer base with an investment in wholesale African American hair care products to broaden consumer reach.

For a long time, hair care products such as shea butter were not available to this specific market. This was due to the fact that major beauty and hair care manufactures had yet to see the enormous revenue potential to create hair care products specific to black hair other than relaxers (lye-based hair straightening products.)

It wasn’t until the 1990s and early 2000 that the natural hair movement started among African American women which shunned relaxers and straightening methods for natural and unstraightened styles. Today “natural hair” is the mainstream among African-Americans with 71% of black adults wearing their hair this way by 2016. This has created a huge demand for products that are specifically tailored to natural black hair care.

Shortage Of Online Retailers Means Good Business For You

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning CreamCantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo And Conditioner

Natural hair products received a huge boost from major beauty companies after they recognized the profits to be gained from investing in black hair care products. Black consumers spent over $2.56 billion dollars on hair care products in 2016. Now natural hair care products can be found in major retail outlets like Target, Walmart and CVS.

Problem is, there’s still limited selection on the kind of products sold. Items like shea butter which is hugely popular in the African-American community are still being imported from countries such as India and China. Major retailers have yet to completely catch on and produce these kinds of products that can hugely affect their bottom line in a positive sense.

And here’s the irony: while black hair care products market share has dropped overall, natural hair care products like shea butter has jumped in revenue according to Mental Marketing.

Black Women And Shea Butter For Hair Care: Know Your Market

This is where smart online retailers can come in and reap the revenue rewards. Selling shea butter online for hair care not only can create a larger customer base but can make your website the go-to place for great organic black hair care products. Also, it’s smart to keep in mind that there are over 24 million black women in the U.S. This is who makes most of the purchases for black hair care products and should be your target market in terms of shea butter and black hair care.

Shea Butter: Hair Care Tips And Usage

Shea Butter Moisterizing Trio For HairShea Butter Richly Replenishing Hair Mask

Shea butter is now immensely popular in the African American community. It’s known for its incredible healing properties and as an excellent moisturizer. Produced from the Shea-Kante tree nut that’s found in East and West Africa, this natural moisturizer is known to heal burns and skin injuries. It helps in getting rid of stretch marks.

Shea moisture is also great for hair. And is used commonly by black women for hair care. Here are some common usages that are popular with many African American women when using shea butter for hair care.  These are also some excellent tips and benefits you can share with your African American customers who are yet in the know:

Soothes Irritated Scalp

For soothing dry and itchy scalp, shea butter is a great solution. It’s easily absorbed into the scalp and won’t clog up pores. It’s also a wonderful source to provide moisture to dry and damaged hair. Shea butter helps hair maintenance by providing moisture from the roots to the ends of the hair shaft. It’s very beneficial to hair that’s been relaxed, dyed or heat-treated such as straightened.

Strong Sealant For Hair

Black hair tends to be dryer than most other hair textures. However, shea butter has incredible emolliating qualities that deliver moisture into the hair and helps it stay moist. It’s excellent as a conditioner or can be added to shampoos and other hair creams.

More Tips!

RAW SHEA BUTTER RHASSOUL CLAY SHAMPOO BARRaw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

Blocks UVS

While shea butter has a small amount of SPF, it’s just enough to protect hair from the ultraviolet of the sun. This makes it highly beneficial for color-treated and processed hair.

Softener For Hair

Shea butter is great for softening hard brittle hair. It’s an excellent moisturizer, and therefore offers that advantage for dried as well as fragile curly hair.

Start selling shea butter now and watch your business grow while increasing your revenue!