Top Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA 

Are you trying to start an online business selling consumer products? Chances are you’ve been considering using dropshipping as part of your strategy. If you have then it’s likely you’re also thinking about selecting a dropshipping wholesale supplier to work with. So, where should you start searching for dropshipping suppliers in the USA?

What is Your Product and Market Strategy?

If you want to become a reseller, you first need to pick a dropshipping supplier in the USA. Do you want to target a product niche like natural skin care? Do you want to offer a broader range of products to a specific demographic? This is important because dropshipping suppliers differ in the range of manufacturers they source from. It’ll make your job easier if you focus your attention on the wholesalers that fit with your own product strategy.

Dropship companies such as Wholesale2b, National Dropshippers and Dropship Direct offer extremely broad ranges of products including electronics, clothes, food, home furnishings, cosmetics and more. Selecting one of these types of dropship suppliers would give you access to the broadest range of products to sell on your website. There are also companies like MegaGoods that specialize in consumer electronics or Smart Living that focus on furniture, home décor, and lighting.

Working with these dropship suppliers would certainly allow you build niches in their areas of specialization. However, as a start-up business you may encounter issues with high product return rates and lower frequency of purchases. On the other hand, dropshipping suppliers like GreenDropShipBeauty Joint, and Essential Pet provide the online retailer with the opportunity to specialize in niche areas like natural groceries, personal care, beauty products, and pet supplies while also enjoying the benefits of low return rates and frequent repurchasing.

What Help Do You Need?

The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is that you’re building a business from nothing. When you have lots to do it’s important that you focus on the activities that will define your business. You should leave the heavy lifting to your dropshipping supplier.

Your unique ideas will be what differentiates your business. Let your dropshipping supplier handle the inventory and the transportation. Some dropship suppliers provide additional services to help online retailers set up the e-commerce functionality of their websites. You should consider including this as a requirement when evaluating potential dropshipping suppliers.

Inventory Source and are two examples of American dropship companies that will help you design your website and set up product catalogs for your customers to order from. Included in GreenDropShip’s services is an inventory checking tool that is updated regularly during the day, alerting you to products that may be temporarily out of stock so that alternative items can be suggested to customers shopping on your site.

What is Your Budget?

If you’re like the majority of people starting their first online business, you’re operating within a fairly tight budget. This means that you need to be smart about where you spend your limited dollars. You’ll discover that this directly impacts your choice of wholesale dropshipping supplier.

A dropshipping supplier like Doba, for example, carries both a large number of wholesale product categories and in addition offers a full range of support services including website design, reporting and consulting. For the small online retailer just starting up this would be overkill and usually not cost effective.

Weigh All the Factors and Pick the Supplier for Your Needs

In conclusion, considering the factors discussed above will help you find the best dropship supplier based in the USA for your business needs. If you’re truly looking to sell products to people, then full-line wholesale dropship suppliers are for you. Dropship suppliers with more distinguished products are for you if you’d like to take advantage of higher pricing.

Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Different Online Retailer Requirements

Broad Product Range Marketplaces of Dropshipping Suppliers Support Niche Strategy
Doba Inventory Source GreenDropShip
Wholesale2b Wholesale2b Beauty Joint
Dropship Direct Doba Essential Pet


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