Vegan Food Wholesale Distributors You Need To Know About

vegan food wholesale distributors for dropshipping

Vegan Wholesale Distributors: Why They’re Important Now

vegan mealOver the last three years, veganism has increased by 600% in the U.S., alone. The shift in the dietary decision to become vegan is in fact a global movement. What started as a fringe movement has now become a “norm” around the world. As online retailers look for ways to increase business, it’s become obvious that developing relationships with reputable vegan food wholesale distributors is a profitable move to make.

Here’s one known fact about vegan products and why you should seriously consider working with vegan wholesale suppliers: at Greendropship “vegan” is the top searched term on our dropshipping platform. This shows overwhelmingly that vegan products are very popular with online retailers.

But the evidence is everywhere. Items like plant-based dairy alternatives will soon make up over 40% of total dairy beverages over the next five years. Here’s more:

Vegan cheese is expected to have a global market just under $4 billion by 2024. The pea vegetable is at the center ofvegan sandwich tremendous profits in the plant-based sector. The pea protein is estimated to be worth $104 million by 2026. That’s according to Future Market Insights.

As plant-based dairy products grew, cow’s milk sales have declined by 5%. This is expected to increase to 11% by 2020. But the dairy industry isn’t alone in feeling the pinch. Egg sales have dropped 7% this last year with projections for more drops in sales. However, egg substitute sales are steadily increasing as the egg industry grapples with continued revenue losses.

Then, there’s the meat substitute industry which has soared in sales in previous years. Expectations for profits in the vegan meat substitute industry is expected to reach %.5.2 billion by 2024 according to Allied Market Research.

Vegan Food Resellers: What You Need To Know

What all this points to is that now is the time to get on board with vegan products for your online business.  There are substantial profits to be made as the vegan movement gains mainstream momentum. Bottom line: the vegan food business is looking up in all ways.

In deciding to become a vegan food reseller it’s important that you look up reputable vegan food wholesale distributors that not only carry a solid inventory of quality vegan products but also provide dropshipping services.  The vegan explosion has attracted many food distributors to include vegan products among their foods. However, just because they are a wholesaler doesn’t mean they’re knowledgeable about vegan foods and trends that are constantly developing.

Vegan Wholesale Food Distributors: The Best In Class

guy holding fruitYour goal is to work with a vegan wholesale supplier that has clearly invested in vegan products and has a finger on the pulse of the entire food industry as a whole. If the supplier is also a specialist in organic and natural goods, that’s even better. Here are some of the top vegan food distributors in California. They’re all experts in vegan products and have dropshipping services for online retailers.

Bangalla Organic & Natural Foods Wholesaler And Distributor

Bangalla is one of the largest organic foods distributors in the United States. They also have a huge inventory of vegan products from vitamins to cooking ingredients. Additionally, they feature a dropshipping program for online resellers among their many services.

Deja Vegan

Deja Vegan specializes in vegan snacks. The distributor carries gluten-free, grain-free (paleo), non-GMO, macro-friendly and kosher treats. The company also features a dropshipping program among its services.

Honest Green

A division of UNFI (one of the largest food distributors in the U.S.), Honest Green offers an impressive selection of vegan food products in their inventory. The company also offers dropshipping services to any size online retailer.


A specialist in organic and natural food products, GreenDropShip features over 20,000 items in its inventory. The wholesaler also carries a very impressive selection of vegan products and showcases dropshipping services for online retailers.


Another large natural and organic foods distributor, KeHE features a solid inventory of vegan food products among their organic goods. The distributor also offers a comprehensive dropship program for online retailers.

While there are several other fine wholesale vegan food distributors, the wholesalers above have solid dropshipping services for online resellers. Vegan food sales are clearly on the rise. Find a vegan wholesale food distributor that suits your needs and start increasing your revenue quickly.