Wholesale Snacks Offices Will Actually Crave

wholesale chips and snacks

Wholesale Chips And Snacks: Must-Have Products for Offices

Food at work is a big deal. Especially nowadays. Many companies include in their work perks, free snacks in a fully stocked kitchen.  This seems to go over big with millennials who value free food options in the workplace almost as much as they value paid vacations and personal holidays. And this is why selling wholesale snacks to offices might be the goldmine you’ve been looking for.

Here’s a secret: big commercial snack vendors like to focus on huge corporate offices. This is because obviously in terms of revenue they can get a lot more. But what about smaller businesses? Who’s taking care of their snack needs?

There’s a wide range of small businesses that could benefit from your bulk snacks services. Fact is, small or large, companies that provide free snacks to their employees are thinking about returns on their human capital. In other words, by providing nutritious and healthy snacks, workers will be more productive.

Snacks Suppliers Have Changed The Way We Eat

Add all this to the reality that consumers are snacking more than ever before. They’re often replacing meals with a snack. A lot of this eating activity is happening in the workplace. The definition of a snack has also changed. Yogurt, energy bars, and nuts are now ranking right up there with cookies and popcorn. Items like zucchini chips and avocado toast now enjoy a solid place on the snack menu.

Digger more into the impact of good healthy snacks on office employees, Harvard Business Review has this to say: Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance. A bad decision at the vending machine can derail a day’s worth of productivity.

Bottom line: employers investing in healthy office snacks is serious business. Therefore, you can easily put yourself in a position to provide good quality organic snack foods to many offices via your website.

Small Businesses And Wholesale Snacks: The Solution Is You

Small businesses can’t afford big snack vendors. But they can afford to buy bulk snacks from a reasonably priced online reseller. What’s so fantastic about that is more than likely they’ll become repeat customers. Also, another thing is to get creative. Snacks don’t have to be prepackaged. They can come in a variety of ways. Your almond butter product will go nicely with slices of apples. Or how about baked sweet potato chips served with a drizzle of Greek yogurt?

These are all suggestions you can place on your website to your customers. This in turn will have them buying both prepackaged organic snack goods and other kinds of food items to go along with them.

From the looks of things, if you’re not considering becoming a wholesale chips and snacks supplier you might want to rethink it. According to Grand View Market Research, healthy snacks sales was valued at over $23.05 billion dollars in 2018.

Here’s some great wholesale chips and snacks to sell on your website: 

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”38″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]It’s no shock that the U.S. is quickly on its way to becoming the dominant market for organic and healthy snacks. Replacing meals for snacks along with an increased desire for healthy options is driving the national market.  For a great variety of snacks and chips, check out our catalog and see how we can help your revenue increase in no time.