Easy Tools You Can Use for Shopify Dropshipping

Use the various Shopify dropshipping apps to give you an advantage

Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Running a Shopify dropshipping business can be highly competitive. That’s because there are so many benefits to this business model and it attracts a wide range of sellers, all trying to sell products in the same online marketplace. So how do you get a leg up? How do you gain that extra edge over your competition? Well, luckily for you, the efficiency of your online store can be boosted with the proper use of a variety of tools. Using these tools, in conjunction with a great dropshipping supplier, ensures that you will remain competitive and potentially profitable.

Use These Tools for A Successful Online Store

Remember, successful online retailers are always looking to gain an edge. In a crowded marketplace, any advantage has to be used to its fullest potential. So, without further delay, let’s jump right in and look over the following tools.


Exchange is a valuable Shopify dropshipping tool

This Shopify tool is widely used for buying and selling online stores. In other words, you can browse all the stores that are on sale based on the following parameters:

  1. Price (low to high or high to low)
  2. Revenue (monthly or annual)
  3. Age of the online store
  4. Type of online store

With these various features at your disposal, you’re sure to find an online store that matches what you’re looking for. Plus, if you have some startup cash, you can purchase a fully-functioning Shopify dropshipping store from Exchange to hit the ground running. You won’t have to take the time to write product descriptions or come up with a snappy domain name – you can just log in and start selling!

On the flip side, if you’ve been running a dropshipping business for some time and have established yourself, you may have a valuable commodity on your hands. Let’s say you want to switch your niche – you can always take your preexisting store, list it on Exchange, and get a fair price for it. How do you determine this price? Well, Exchange even has a store valuation option. It can determine the market price for your store based on a variety of factors like revenue and growth. This valuation tool is highly accurate because this app has access to all of these business metrics.

Oberlo App

Use the Oberlo app to optimize your Shopify dropshipping store

If you’re looking for an especially powerful Shopify dropshipping tool, look no further than the Oberlo app. Its applications are extensive, but it is basically an automation tool that saves you time. This means you will have more opportunity to focus on what you most need to do: connect with customers. Honestly, that’s where your online store can really shine – be sure to give the consumer an excellent experience and they will likely return. That’s the first step in turning one-time visitors into regular customers.

So what does the Oberlo app do? Well, it helps you search for products to sell, giving you access to an enormous database. You can easily and quickly add any given product to your inventory with the simple click of the button. You can also integrate this app with your Shopify dropshipping supplier to give you automatic updates on pricing as well as product inventory and availability. By making the entire process easy, this app ensures that you can focus on marketing and customer service, thereby giving you that competitive edge in the crowded marketplace.

What are some of the benefits of the Oberlo app?

  1. It’s simple to use with an excellent and intuitive user interface (UI).
  2. Online retailers can import AliExpress or Oberlo products with just the click of a button.
  3. Integrates perfectly and seamlessly with the Shopify platform.
  4. When your customer places an order, it is automatically fulfilled and shipped directly to your customer.
  5. Easily change Shopify dropshipping suppliers.
  6. You can use the Exchange app (see above) to purchase a fully functioning Oberlo store.

As you can see, the Oberlo app really shines when it comes to its easy integration with the various Shopify dropshipping suppliers. Try this automation tool right away!

Inventory Source

Use this app for inventory management in your Shopify dropshipping store

This is an inventory management app that integrates your online store with over 180 Shopify dropshipping suppliers. Consider this: one of the major potential headaches of being an online retailer, especially a successful one with a high volume of sales, is keeping track of availability and inventory. Avoid these problems and use Inventory Source to automatically upload products, sync inventory, and handle order routing.

This particular app integrates easily with:

  1. Shopify
  2. eBay
  3. Amazon
  4. Amazon UK
  5. Walmart
  6. Jet

It also keeps your pricing model highly competitive by not charging you a markup on products. Instead, you will have to pay a monthly flat-rate fee so you end up paying suppliers’ prices on the various products added to your store.


Make sure your Shopify dropshipping store has high-quality images

The visual presentation of your Shopify dropshipping business is just as important as the text-based product descriptions. Both of these offer ample opportunities to implement search engine optimization (SEO), so when potential customers search for products they are able to find your online store. This is where Burst comes in – this collection of free stock photography is always expanding, with new images added twice weekly.

What makes Burst so useful? Well, it’s different than other stock photography sites in that it specializes in catering to online retailers. This means that it has extensive collections of photos in such diverse niche areas as watches, essential oils, cell phone cases, and even make-up brushes. Many of these niches are difficult to find on other photo websites.

Additionally, these images have a greater emphasis placed on being aesthetically pleasing for online shoppers. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression with your online store, so make it count. Burst provides bold and vibrant photos that will beautifully display your products. The website also offers case studies and photo packs for up and coming online stores, making it exceptionally user-friendly for online retailers.


Use marketing tools for your Shopify dropshipping store

Marketing your Shopify dropshipping business can be a real challenge – there are always so many tasks to juggle and a lot of busywork to oversee. In reality, your time is best used in market research, so leave all the logistics up to Kit. This is a marketing automation tool that can:

  1. Send out emails to your customers
  2. Develop ads to connect with customers
  3. Put up posts on various social media sites
  4. Send you important reminders to keep track of everything

As you can see, these are all useful tasks. Kit is especially helpful and user-friendly in that it is primarily controlled through the text messaging function of your smartphone. This gives you mobility and freedom to take care of other important tasks while you issue instructions via text message to the app.

For example, Kit can help you retarget visitors who didn’t make any purchases during their first visit. It can also help you send custom emails to your first-time customers. You can even instruct it to create new discount codes and then promote these codes via social media or ad. It’s kind of amazing what you can do with just a few texts from your phone! This app is all about helping you make a meaningful connection with the consumer – this is a crucial part of turning one-time visitors into regular customers.

Using Greendropship As Your Shopify Dropshipping Supplier

If you want your online store to really take off, it’s crucial that you find the right dropshipping supplier. In fact, it’s best to think of this arrangement as a collaboration in which both of you benefit by working together. So what should you look for when finding the right supplier?

  1. Sales reps that are helpful and experienced. They will be your primary points of contact, so it’s crucial that you properly connect with them.
  2. Competitive pricing on membership fees. As an online retailer operating in a competitive marketplace, always make sure your profit margins stay healthy. That means choosing a supplier that will be reasonably priced.
  3. Shipping products quickly and efficiently. Remember, the customer will be purchasing the product from you, so it’s your reputation that hangs in the balance. That’s why choosing a supplier that knows how to properly pack and ship products is an absolute must.
  4. High-quality products. Be sure that your supplier offers superior products, thereby ensuring that there will be higher customer satisfaction, more word-of-mouth, better product reviews, and fewer product returns. All of this positively contributes to your bottom line.
  5. Technology that is useful and helpful. A supplier that is invested in their technology will be invested in your success. Make sure they have a detailed website and scalable data feeds that help you track your business metrics.

Greendropship is a premier Shopify dropshipping supplier that fulfills every one of these expectations. Not only do they offer over 20,000 natural and organic products in a range of niches and categories, but they specialize in providing online retailers with dynamic data feeds so they can properly adjust their business or marketing strategies. Keeping track of these metrics is crucial to an online store’s success.

Visit Greendropship and download a product catalog today!

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